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    Energy foods for old age people

    Want to know which foods or drinks will give energy or stamina to old people? Get a list of some energy giving foods and liquids for elderly people.

    What are the best food or liquid items for old age people (crossed 60+ years) to get energy / stamina in their body, mostly old age people never eat as normal aged people.

    Please suggest food for them to eat, get digest and increase stamina based on their age.
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  • It is important to create the right sort of environment for eating, and to provide food which tastes good, looks good and is well presented, in order to increase the likelihood that the older person will eat the complete meal.
    In many cases cost can be the main consideration when providing food, and caterers are often expected to meet low cost targets which may well result in the nutritional content being compromised. It is vital, therefore, that cost considerations should not override the need for adequate nutritional content in the planning and preparation of food for older people. People living in residential and nursing homes have, in many cases, 100% of their food provided by the home. Older people's nutritional requirements may change from time to time depending on their state of health,

    ENERGY (calories) EAR WOMEN aged 75 and over: 1,810kcal (7.6MJ)
    MEN aged 75 and over: 2,100kcal (8.8MJ)
    FAT 35% of food energy
    WOMEN aged 75 and over: 70g
    MEN aged 75 and over: 82g
    FIBRE DRV 18g
    (non-starch polysaccharides, or NSP)
    MEN: 53.3g
    B VITAMINS Thiamin RNI WOMEN: 0.8mg
    MEN: 0.9mg
    Riboflavin RNI WOMEN 1.1mg
    MEN 1.3mg
    Niacin RNI WOMEN: 12mg
    MEN: 16mg

    CALCIUM RNI 700mg

    IRON RNI 8.7mg

    MEN: 9.5mg


    SODIUM Not more than 2,400mg sodium (6g salt)

    Older people who receive community meals get only two or three such meals a week. It is therefore recommended that, for energy and for the five nutrients an average community meal should provide more than just 33% of the recommendation for an average day's food. This will enable the community meal to deliver as
    much nutritional benefit as possible and still remain attractive and appetizing.

  • Hi, for older people easily digestible foods include fruits and fruit juices, idly etc. Egg white is very useful.

    Especially elder people from decreased bowel motility and hence constipation. So fiber rich food is must.

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  • Brands like Complan have developed health drink products for old age people. They demand that those health drinks contains all the nutrients required for old people. Apart from that the foods I would suggest for old people would be.

    For breakfast :
    Oats as it has lot of fiber content in it and is easily digestible.
    Vegetable salads as after a certain age it is difficult for our body to digest hard non-vegetarian foods and most of the vegetables are rich in fiber.
    Fruits salads but not with custard or ice cream, just plain fruits cut and made into a salad is very healthy as fruits have lot of water content in it.

    For lunch :
    Have one spoon of rice for lunch as carbohydrates are required to get energy but too much intake of rice is also not good as they are rich in calories.
    Have vegetable curries with rice and have fish once in a week or so. Once in a while give them egg white as well, yolk is not healthy. As you turn old, the chances of you getting cholesterol and hyper tension is high. Therefore reduce the intake of salt or salt products and oily foods.

    For dinner :
    Have rotis or chappatis for dinner. After you cross a certain age, stop having rice and substitute it with Atta.

    For women :
    As they grow old, the calcium content in their body gets to reduce, therefore it is advisable for women to take calcium supplements every day. Crabs and most of the sea foods are rich in calcium.

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  • We find old age people not eating anything. After crossing 60 years of age they loose interest in eating and they eat in order to fill there stomach. Generally advisable food is given below:-
    Morning at 8'O clock a cup of coffee and soft breakfast like idly, dosa, Veda, upma, bread and butter and anything which is digestible.
    In morning the quantity of food is
    I cup of coffee with
    1)Two idly or one dosa or one idly or one veda, two slides of bread.
    For lunch
    It is important to get balance diet for lunch irrespective of age. Old people must be given a strict diet because they might be a victim of diabetic and blood pressure.
    Their lunch should consist the following
    1) A curry like lady finger or cabbage, beetroot, radish, bitter guard, sweet guard, bottle guard, etc.
    2) Dal is must, preferably green leafy vegetable dal.
    3) Curd rice.
    In the evening
    1) A cup of plain milk with Marie biscuits.
    For dinner:
    1) chapatti is the common diet and most healthiest diet for old people.
    2) A full pledge meal is not advisable because the digestive system is not very effective at old age, so old age people are not advised to be given full pledge meal.

  • Elderly people may not always eat well and will have trouble eating a healthy diet. There is a big chance of losing appetite after crossing the age of 65 or 70. They may be suffering from various diseases and they will be having difficulty to focus on eating a healthy balanced diet. They should drink enough water everyday to stay well hydrated and to keep their bodily functions active. There are certain foods that are really suitable for the elderly people. Here is a list of stuffs for the elderly people to make them more healthy and active.

    Foods- Spinach, Salmon, diary, legumes, yoghurt
    Advantages- stronger bones and teeth
    Fights against- Osteoporosis

    Foods- sprouts, legumes, tuna, chicken breast, egg whites
    Advantages- increases appetite, muscle retention
    Fights against- oedema, anaemia

    Foods- sea food, nuts, seeds, cereals
    Advantages- faster wound healing, increase in taste
    Fights against- anorexia

    Foods- milk, leafy vegetables, grapes, fish, meat, nuts etc.
    Advantages- improves health, prevents disease and other vitamin deficiencies
    Fights against- constipation, general malaise

    Foods- cereals, beans, vegetables, nuts and seeds, fruits
    Advantages- keeps blood sugar level balanced, weight loss
    Fights against- constipation and other colon diseases

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