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    Is there any safer medications for vitamin D deficiency?

    Are you suffering from Vitamin D deficiency? Learn about the safe medications for Vitamin D deficiency. Find out what medicines you should take for insufficient Vitamin D level.

    I have vitamin D deficiency. I dont have the test result in hand, but in the levels of deficiency, insufficient, normal mine is insufficient. When I visited the doctor I had terrible hand pain. But it went off with some injections. Doctor asked me to get exposed to sunlight daily in the morning. I am doing it regularly. The doctor didnt prescribe me any medications or diet. I am including vitamin D and calcium rich food in my diet. It has been more than 6 months. But still I dont find any difference. I am getting pain in my hands, fingers, neck, shoulder, very often. I feel very weak. Is there any other safer ways or safer medication to improve my health? I cannot win even my 60 yrs old mom. I feel really bad. I am not allergic to anything and I dont want to take any wrong medications also. I cant visit the doctor at present. Is there anything for vitamin D deficiency like normal vitamin tablets? Or for vitamin D deficiency I should have to take medications only with proper doctors advice?
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  • Early morning sun rays are the best natural source of Vitamins D. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause orthopedic problems. Vitamin D useful for making bone healthy and strong. As you mention symptoms, It clear that the problem with the joints in the body.

    Go for doctor consultation and think positive your disease.

    click Here:The forum thread created by Vandana Mam where you can find your answer in brief

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  • It is well known fact that Vitamin D and calcium are related one with the other and these two together help in keeping the skeletal system of the body in good condition and proper functioning. One is a vitamin while the other - calcium - is a mineral.

    In general our body has a natural tendency of synthesizing Vitamin D when the skin absorbs the sun rays. But at times sufficient vitamin D might not be synthesized in the body and hence body has to be given the required amount of Vitamin D either through medicines or through food stuffs.

    I think there is no harm in consuming multi-vitamin tablets on a regular basis (five days a week), however over consumption of vitamins too is not good. So, you can take food items that are rich in calcium and help in keep the bones and joints in good condition. For this you can consume, cabbage, cauliflower, tomato which are considered good for bone health. Besides these you can consume good quantity of milk and yogurt as these are known for providing good health to the bones. However, too much of consumption of any nutrient is not good for health as the body needs certain required amount of the nutrients and we need to take these in the right proportions.

    I would even suggest you to go for physio therapy or go for some physical exercises which helps in keeping the body in good condition. The best option is to go for yogaasanas under the guidance of a yoga expert for the bone health.

    Thanks & Regards

  • I totally agree with Kalyani, as what she suggested is the only thing i wanted to say. One more thing you can do is to take this power which doctor prescribed my wife while she was suffering from Vitamin D3 deficiency.

    She was also advised to take sunlight in morning and evening. She used to take "Calcirol". It is a calcium supplement which you can take along with milk once a day, but make sure you also be regular in taking good balanced diet with nutrition and sunlight regularly. You will feel the difference within 2 weeks. My wife got cured in a month and her Vitamin D3 levels came to normal.


  • Vitamin D is utmost required for strong bones and teeth. I can understand your problem as my son too used to be deficient in Vitamin D and calcium. Had to take him to Orthopedic clinic where first his wrist x-ray was taken and then of legs. He used to fell down more often and used to become too tired after standing for a while.

    He was injected with an injection the same day and was prescribed syrup "Ossopan-D". Further, he was asked to absorb a lot of sunshine. This all worked as a miracle and now my kid is as fit as any other child. I am attaching a picture of Ossopan-D syrup which i have given to my kid. There are similar tablets for elders.

    Sunshine is a natural source of vitamin-D. My son hates drinking milk, so i have supplemented it with other calcium rich food, such as Soya, pulses, curd,cheese etc. I have tried to include a variety of food in his diet and not focussing on a single variety so that his body may have every nutrient in correct proportion.


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  • I totally agree with all members. Sunlight is only one natural source to prevent the vitamin D deficiency. Micronutrients like calciaum, magniseium, phosphoras is also have a supportive role in the prevention of vitamin d deficiency.
    As per your problem like pain in bones, neck, hands and feet is due to the deficiency of Vitamin d. I am suggest to you that to impove your diet by taking a milk and milk products. Milk is the good source of calciaum. You should have to Early wakeup in morning,do yoga and intake of rich amount of calciam and vitamin d containig diet.

  • Both morning and evening sun rays are good source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D will absorb only through skin. You have to expose whole body in sun rays only. You can choose some good place and with a nice transparent cloth to cover your skin and leave where ever possible to direct sun light.

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  • Here I have mentioned name of some foods which are excellent sources of vitamin D. Consumption of these foods daily may help you to get rid of the problem of Vitamin D deficiency. You have to follow a balanced diet and in your diet should include ample amount of vitamin D containing foods. I have listed some important vitamin D containing foods below.

    Fishes like Herring, Cat fish, Tuna Fish, salmon and mackerel are excellent source of vitamin D. Besides these fish liver and fish oils are also high in vitamin D. You can intake mushroom and that should be dried in the Sun. Mushroom is the only vegetable that contains high amount of vitamin D.

    Other significant vitamin D containing foods are beverages such as milk (fortified), soy drinks, orange juice (fortified) and margarine. It is notable that one half cup of orange juice can provide 45 IU of vitamin D. You can intake regularly eggs and Fortified cereals which are extremely vitamin D-rich. It is noteworthy that a single egg can provide up to 25 IU of vitamin D.

    Make the habit of going to morning walk daily so that your body can absorb morning sunrays as morning sun rays contain vitamin D. Your exposure to morning sun light is very important since morning sun rays stimulate the production of this vitamin D and hormone. If you can take a sun-bath daily then you may get effective result.

    Tulika Devi Nath

  • Sunlight is the best medicine to help you save from deficiency of Vitamin D. It is the said it is better to get you exposed to the early morning rays from sun. Sun bath is also good for health.

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  • Deficiency of Vitamin D, also called Rickets, is caused by a lack of calcium and phosphate in the body which leads to softening and weakening of the bones. Vitamin D helps the body to control calcium and phosphate levels. When the level of calcium and phosphate in the blood become too low, the body releases these hormones from the bones which lead to weakening and softening of the bones.

    Main symptoms of lack of vitamin D are pain in arm, leg, pelvis and spine bones, dental problems, bone fractures, muscle cramps and lack of height.


    Vitamin D is produced by the body from the food we eat. Consumption of milk and green vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, fish and liver helps to produce calcium and phosphate in the body.

    Exposure of the body to direct sunlight is a natural source of Vitamin D.

    Supplementary tablets and medicines are also available which may be used after consulting with your physician to avoid any complications.

  • Thank you so much everyone. JyotiS, thanks for the tips. I too hate milk. I always used to take its supplements like curd. However, doctors say milk has no supplements. Now I can manage to drink cold milk. Cold milk is better than warm milk. We can mix horlicks or something to it. It will taste like ice cream. Thank you Tulika Devi Nath, you game me some vitamin D sources I didn't know.


  • Vitamin D is important for good health, growth, muscles and strong bones. There is some indication that vitamin D helps to prevent some diseases like cancer, diabetic,etc. If you have bone pain and muscle weakness, it indicates that you have vitamin D deficiency.

    Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency:
    a) If you do not consume food which contain vitamin D.The person who is pure vegetarian is likely to have lack of vitamin D, as most of them are animal products like fish and fish oils, egg yolks, etc contains vitamin D.
    B) If you don't expose to sun, you may have lack of vitamin D.
    c) If your kidney cannot convert vitamin D to its active manner.
    d) If your digestive system cannot absorb vitamin D.

    There are 3 ways to increase vitamin D:

    a)Expose to sunlight:
    This is the natural source of vitamin D. Ultraviolet radiation from is very essential for producing vitamin D. Our bodies produces vitamin D when expose to sunlight. Too much of Sun can damage your skin & cause skin cancer.

    b)Food containing vitamin D:
    We should eat food which contains vitamin D. Many cold water fish contain vitamin D. They are:
    Kellogg All Cereal
    Low/skimmed milk

    As food contains small amount of vitamin D, it is not possible to obtain from food alone. Only 10% of vitamin D can be obtained from food. Therefore, we can take some injections or medicines of vitamin D. But we have to check with the doctor before taking it. The doses must be discussed with the doctor, as it depends upon your age & situation. Multivitamin tablets can be taken on daily basis. Citracal Plus D and Minerals and Caltrate 600-D Plus Minerals are good brands. A small injection of vitamin D is also very effective .

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