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    How Jaundice occurs?

    Want to know about the reason and treatments of jaundice? Learn from our expert doctors why jaundice occurs and how, how to cure jaundice and more.

    I would like to know how Jaundice (Hepapetis) comes and affects? What are the main reason for Jaundice. Is Jaundice is a fever or else different category? How to cure Jaundice? Difference between child born Jaundice and Jaundice for Elders? Which treatment is better for Jaundice? Herbal or Homeopathic type treatment for Jaundice or Allopathic treatment for Jaundice, please describe. Thanks
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  • Jaundice, otherwise called icterus, means a yellowish tinge to the skin and on the white part of the eye which is caused by hyperbilirubinemia which means excess of bilirubin in the blood. Body fluids also get yellow colour. The colour of the skin and white part of the eye depends on the levels of bilirubin. If it is high than normal skin becomes yellow in colour and if it is very high than normal skin becomes brown in colour

    Bilirubin is a yellow coloured substance that is responsible for the yellowish colour of the skin and white part of the eyes. Bilirubin is the waste substance that remains in the blood after removing iron from hemoglobin. When there is an excess of bilirubin in the blood it gets into surrounding tissues which results in Jaundice.

    One of the liver's main functions is to filter out waste, such as bilirubin, from the blood. Bilirubin with chemicals creates a substance called conjugated bilirubin, which is excreted through feces. Bilirubin gives feces its brown color.

    Three main types and causes of Jaundice:

    1.Hepatocellular jaundice – It is caused because of liver disease or injury.

    2.Hemolytic jaundice - It is a type of jaundice that occurs as a result breakdown of red blood cells.

    3.Obstructive jaundice – It is a type of jaundice that causes as a result of a block in the tubes that carries digestive liquid from the liver to the gallbladder and small intestine, which prevents bilirubin to leave the liver.


    Proper treatment of jaundice depends on the condition that caused Jaundice. Once that condition is diagnosed and treated, the skin will return to its normal colour.

    For pre-term babies, there is no special treatment; the liver is allowed to mature and the jaundice disappears once the organ gets capable to handle normal amount of bilirubin.

    For more advance cases of infant jaundice, additional treatment is required. Light therapy, which means placing the infant under a special blue-green light, which helps the baby's body to rid of excess bilirubin. In serious cases, a blood transfusion may be used if the condition doesn't respond to other treatments.

    In adults, jaundice required special attention. the cause must be diagnosed in order to regain the normal skin colour. Jaundice in adults can be caused by various reasons and treatment also differ from person to person. To treat cirrhosis of the liver, one should avoid alcohol and by taking certain medicines helps to improve the disease, although there is no permanent treatment. For different hepatitis conditions, doctors prescribe medicines and monitor the liver's condition.

  • Jaundice is when the skin gets a yellow discoloration as well as the white parts of the eyes (sclerae) and the gums, which is a symptom caused by elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood, known as "hyperbilirubinemia" .

    Jaundice signifies an underlying disease process, specially liver diseases. So, as soon as one notices his body turning yellow, it means something is going wrong inside; at home one can examine if there is change in urine/stool color (may be darken/yellow-orange/pale) or can notice jaundice in a tissue keeping it under the tongue. Other symptoms may be itchy skin, fatigue, fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, swelling of the legs and abdomen etc.

    There may be several causes for jaundice. Pre-hepatic jaundice occurs with rapid increase in the breakdown and destruction of red blood cells (hemolysis), that results in an increased level of bilirubin in the blood which the liver fails to remove adequately. If one is suffering from diseases like malaria, thalassemia, sickle cell anaemia etc, they cause increased breakdown of red blood cells. In the case of Intra-hepatic jaundice, it occurs due to a damage to the liver with the liver's failure to metabolize and reject bilirubin properly. Causes may be infection, exposure to a harmful substances like drugs or other toxins, hepatitis (commonly viral- hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis C or alcohol related), liver cancer etc. Post-hepatic jaundice (also called as obstructive jaundice) is caused when the normal system of draining out conjugated bilirubin in the form of bile from the liver into the intestines is disturbed/damaged. Causes may be gallbladder cancer, bile duct system pancreatic cancer or pancreatitis etc.

    Physiologic jaundice in newborn babies is usually very normal and harmless which occurs between two and five days of the new baby's life. It happens due to the inability of the baby's immature liver to process bilirubin from the accelerated break down red blood cell. With time, the baby’s liver matures, the jaundice eventually goes away. Then there are other types of jaundice known as Breast milk jaundice, occurs towards the end of the first week of life in breastfed newborns due to a non-harmful substance in the breast milk of mother which disappears with time; Breastfeeding jaundice occurs when the newborn fails to have adequate breast milk due to poor feeding/insufficient milk production by the mother; Cephalohematoma jaundice is when the baby gets injured in head during the birthing process that may cause blood cloting under the scalp, resulting elevated levels of bilirubin; another jaundice occurs when there is incompatibility between the blood types of the mother and the baby. In all cases pediatrician should be consulted immediately; so that treatment can be started accordingly on time. Make sure the baby gets nursing care. Exposure to indirect sunlight is also medically recommended; so babies should be placed near a window for some time covered in a diaper. Important is to see that the baby takes in plenty of fluids, significantly breast milk. Mother’s milk helps to move the meconium from the baby's bowels, besides being the best for the baby’s nutrition.

  • Jaundice is the color change of face, eye andskin to yellow. It is due to the increased amount of bilurubin in blood. Causes of jaundice are liver donot funcyioning properly, bile duct block, increased use of drug. One of the function of liver is to remove the bilurubin from blood.

    Jaundice inchild is different from adult. More than fifty percentage infant have this type of jaundice. When a child birth its liver may take some time to remove chemical from blood.


  • Jaundice is caused by excessive presence of a yellow substance called Bilirubin in blood streams which is caused by malfunctioning of lever cells.

    To understand the process through which a person is affected with Jaundice, one has to understand the process through which our Lever functions in removing the parts of dead Red Blood Cells. Red Blood Cells are continuously degenerated after their life span while new Blood cells are created by the bone marrow. Once the Red Blood Cells dies, some of their decomposed parts are being re-used by the body while the un-useful parts are to be removed from the body. Bilirubin is also one such parts which has to be removed from the body. The function of removal of this "waste" is carried by phagocytes. phagocytes are found in blood stream and are present in bone marrow, spleen and lever. phagocytes carries Bilirubin to Liver where they are further processed for excretion.

    The lever cell carries out very complex chemical functions through which Bile is generated. Bile is green in color and works as a carrying medium of the waste. Bile turns yellow through chemical process and passes through the small and big intestine and finally excreted through stool. Any malfunction by the lever cells to process the dead red blood cells for further excretion or any reason which disrupts the removal of dead blood cells in blood will lead to excessive presence of Bilirubin in blood stream. This will in turn be visible as skin turns yellowish.

    Some of the key reasons for Jaundice:

    1. Problems in Lever caused by infection (hepatitis): There could be many reasons for which the lever stops functioning in its normal way. Some of them could be infection of the lever, inflammation of the lever etc. Excessive alcohol abuse which can cause cirrhosis can also result in significant damage of lever cells leading to jaundice.

    2. Blockage of bile duct: Inflammation in the Bile duct could be caused by any obstruction which prevents excretion of bile. This could be caused by a gallstone. Any kind of tumor which is caused by cancerous cells can also cause blockage of bile duct.

    3. Attack by malaria: Malaria can also cause damage of lever cells resulting to jaundice.

    4. Genetic disorders: There could be many genetic disorders which prevents the human body from processing the dead blood cells or the excretion system. Some of them are Crigler-Najjar syndrome (body stops processing Bilirubin), Dubin-Johnson syndrome (a state where liver fails to combine bilirubin with bile and move it out of the liver.

    5. Attack of rare diseases: Attack of Rare diseases such as Lever Cancer, primary biliary cirrhosis can cause irreversible damages to Lever Cells causing Jaundice.

    6. Prevention from Jaundice: Jaundice itself is not a disease. however it indicates that something is not right in the human body. Most of the problems which causes Jaundice are curable, while some of them goes away by their own. Deseases such as malaria is curable while newborn jaundice, cholestasis of pregnancy etc are automatically cured. Vaccination against hepatitis A and B can protect one from Jaundice.

    Tulika Devi Nath

  • When the bilurubin level in blood increases, the condition is generally characterized as Juandice.The color of the skin becomes yellow also the white part of the eyes (sclerae). The yellowish color intensity is depends on the amount of the biluribin also. At moderate level of bilurubin concentration, the skin is yellowish but at high concentration it may turn to brown. Stool may become clay-white color because of the absence of bilurubin
    How the bilurubin is eliminated through body ?
    Bilurubin is a waste part of the red blood cell (RBC), when haeme part is removed from it , it give bilurubin.
    As liver has many function, out of which removal of bilurubin is one of them. After entering the bilurubin into liver, it combines with glucuronic acid and forms the bilurubin-glucuronic acid complex and this complex is secreted in bile and further it travels to intestine and eliminated through feces. This is a reason why the stool has brown color.

    Causes of Juandice -
    1) Any malfunctioning in liver function, which prevents the removal of bilurubin from body
    2) Malfunctioning in bile duct
    3) In case of hemolytic anemia, the production of bilurubin increases.

  • Jaundice is the yellowish discolouration of the skin and sclera due to excess amount of Bilirubin in blood. When the bilirubin is excess , it saturates to the surrounding tissues and causes the discolouration.
    The Bilirubin which is circulating in the blood supply is called the Unconjugated Bilirubin. This is the waste product which is expelled when the iron from the hemoglobin is removed.
    This unconjugated Bilirubin is filtered by the liver . When the unconjugated bilirubin reaches the liver, it undergoes many process by which it is converted to Conjugated Bilirubin. This is then secreated in bile,(which is a digestive juice).
    There are three main types of jaundice :
    1. Hepatocellular jaundice : It is due to liver disease or injury.
    2. Hemolytic jaundice : A type of jaundice caused by the increased break down of RBC leading to increased amount of Bilirubin Blood.
    3. Obstructive jaundice : As the name says , this type is caused by the obstruction in the bile-duct, which prevents Bilirubin from leaving the liver.
    Other causes of Jaundice are :
    1. Acute inflammation of the liver- This this impairs the ability of the liver to convert the unconjugated bilirubin to Conjugated Bilirubin.
    2. Inflammation o of the bile duct – This prevents the secreation of the Bile from the liver.
    3. Obstruction of the Bile duct – This also prevents the liver from its secreation.
    4. Heamolytic Aneamia – Increased breakdown of heamoglobin resulting in the increased production of bilirubin.
    5. Cholestasis – The condition in which the Conjugated bilirubin remains in the liver instead of been secretes through the bile duct.
    Its Signs and symptoms include:
    1. Itching
    2. Abdominal pain
    3. Fatigue or tiredness
    4. Fever and vomiting
    5. Dark yellowish urine.
    6. Weight loss.

    Hepatitis means the inflammation of the liver . Its only one of the causes for jaundice. For example the inflammation is caused by the action of Hepatitis A virus. This is food or water borne disease due to the consumption of contaminated water and food. And this can be prevented by vaccination.
    Neonatal Jaundice : This is the one found in newborns. This is because of increased amount of Bilirubin in blood due to the prematurely developed liver. In most cases its harmless. But in rare situations untreated jaundice leads to brian damage and even death.
    Other factor that leads to Neonatal Jaundice :
    1. Liver disease
    2. Sepsis – a blood infection
    3. Blocked bile duct or bowel
    4. Rhesus incompatibility – when the mother and baby have different blood types, the mother's antibodies attack the baby's red blood cells
    5. Enzyme deficiency
    6. Bacterial or viral infection
    7. Hepatitis – an inflammation of the liver.

    Signs and symptoms of Neonatal Jaundice –
    1. Itchy skin
    2. Pale stools
    3. Poor sucking / feeding
    4. Dark urine (as urine should be colourless )
    Signs and Symptoms of Severe Neo natal Jaundice –
    1. Yellow abdoamen or limbs
    2. Drowsiness
    3. Yellowish Sclera
    4. Poor feeding
    5. If jaundice last for more than three weeks

    The common treatment methods are :
    1. Exchange blood transfusion
    2. Intravenous immunoglobulin
    3. Phototherapy

    Treatment method of Adult Jaundice :
    The treatment of jaundice requires a proper diagnosis of the specific cause in order to select suitable treatment options. The treatment should be target specific cause , rather than the jaundice itself.

  • Jaundise is a yellow discolouration of body or skin due to alteration of bilirubin metabolism.
    Bilirubin level exceeds upto 3 times than normal.
    Normal value 2-3 mg/dl


    1) Haemolytic (prehepatic) Jaundice :- It is due to break down of RBCs that leads to increase unconjugated bilirubin level in blood. Liver function are normal.

    Causes :- Blood transfusion reaction
    Haemolytic anaemia
    Sickle cell crisis
    GAll bladder stones.

    2) Hepatocellular Jaundice :- It is due to disfunction of liver cells.

    Causes :- Infection Hepatitis Virus
    Drug or chemical toxicity

    3) Obstructive Jaundise :- it is due to obstruction in bile duct thatleads to altered secretion of bile. It is of two type :-
    a. Extra hepatic obstruction :- Due to blockage in bile duct, e.g., Gall stone

    b. Intra Hepatic Cholestatis :- It occurs due to blockage or swelling in intra hepatic duct.

    Jaundise are water born disease and initial symptoms of the disease are fever, chills, headdache, fatigue etc.

    Treatment :-
    Allopathy Traetments :- Only treatment of causes necessary or supportyive treatment.
    1) Antihistamines drugs (For itching)
    Levocitrazine 5mg
    Avil 25mg

    2) Sedation for restlessness
    Lorazepam, diazepam

    3) Vit. K and B.complex
    4) Purgative enema if constipatiopn
    5) Antibiotics
    6) Antipyretics drug

    Harble or Dietary Management :-
    Advisce to patient for restrict fat intake
    Provide high protein diet
    High Carbohydrates diet
    Provide plenty of fluids, juices
    Give glucose water.


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  • Jaundice means a yellow colour on the skin and on the white part of the eye which is mainly caused by addition of bilirubin in the blood.

    The signs of Jaundice includes yellow colour in the mouth, flow of urine colour is dark/brown.

    The causes of Jaundice is injury of liver, destroy of red blood cells.

    Four main types and causes of Jaundice:

    1) Neonatal Jaudice – It is caused by yellow colour on the skin of a new baby born.

    2) Hepatocellular jaundice – It is caused due to liver injury.

    3) Hemolytic jaundice - It is casued due to destroy of red blood cells.

    4) Obstructive jaundice – is caused when the normal system of draining out bile from the liver into the intestines is damaged.

    Treatment of jaundice for adult will depend on the cause and proper treatment will minimise the jaudice within a week's time.

    Treatment of jaudice for newborn babies usually minimise by itself. If Jaundice is not cured when it is very high for new born babies, it leads to damage of brain.

  • Jaundice may be caused by liver and gets inflamed the skin and whites of the eyes take on the yellow colour and spread slowly to whole skin in a problem of adult. In modern drug medicine does not consider to the disease of liver infection and gallstones. It will cure for only ayurveda medicine for completely and it has ayurvedic name is kamala.


    1. Weakness of the body due to drowsiness and fatigue
    2. Eyes, skin, Urine, tongue and nail are yellow colour to be caused.
    3. In lack of appetite to be caused in jaundice of taking food.
    4. Burning sensation of the body to be fever


    1. In red blood cells are die during the daily process the haemoglobin is release for bilirubin to cause liver for excretion for yellow colour in entire body.
    2. Excessive circulation of bile pigments in blood cells.
    3. Inflammation of the liver caused as hepatitis.


    1. Triphala chooranam or Powder mix with hot water and drink daily after food. It will cure the blood cells and liver also.
    2. Vilva powder and paste mix with hot water and drink daily before food. It will cure the purify of blood and cells.
    3. Aloe vera juice take it add with black salt and ginger powder drink daily morning before food.

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