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    Does Papaya leaves juice helps Dengue fever?

    Want to know how Papaya leaves juice cures dengue fever? Learn whether Papaya leaves juice can really cure Dengue or not.

    Is it real that Papaya leaves juice helps Dengue fever? There are so many messages and emails receiving related to Dengue fever and its cure from herbal treatment like papaya leaves extracted juice for Dengue patient helps to reduce the fever and level the blood pallatel etc.

    Expert can advise on this.
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  • Yes Papaya leaves juice help in dengue fever because using papaya leaves juice platelets increased and platelets are make antibody how make papaya leaves jauic : .2 piecesjust cleaned, pounded and squeezed with filter cloth. You will only get one tablespoon per leaf. So two tablespoons per serving once a day. Do not boil or cook or rinse withhot water, it will lose its strength.

    Regard: chanderpal lakhlan '' failure is the key of success ''

  • Yes even I have heard from some of the friends, that their relatives have tried the same and it has helped a lot. And the process is very simple to prepare just squeeze with hand and filter it. Do not boil or cook it.

  • Yes, even I have read the report. We know that fresh papaya, rich in vitamins and minerals, is very good for the digestive system. But recently researchers have announced about its having properties that can cure the fatal dengue. According to the Ayurveda researchers at the National Institute for Ayurvedic Drug Development, two enzymes namely chymopapin and papin in the raw papaya leaf can fight viral infections. It also helps revive the white blood cells and the platelet counts (gradual decrease/destruction of which is the reason of many people suffering and dying of dengue). The juice, prepared from fresh papaya leaves, avoiding the veins (of the leaves) and then grinding the green, pulpy part to make a paste, indeed is very bitter in taste. Patients can mix it with other fruit juice. Physicians advice that 20-25 ml/four to five teaspoons of it twice a day, continuing for at least a week is enough for dengue patient.

    I would also like to inform you that fresh papaya leaf extract is proved to have anti-malarial and anti-cancer properties. In some parts of the globe it has been used as a strong preventive to fight malaria. It's said that some American and Japanese physicians/researchers had discovered the useful enzymes in papaya leaf extract having cancer fighting properties (preventing cervix/ breast/liver/lung/pancreatic cancers). Significantly, as it has not been proved during tests examining the toxic effects in papaya leaves, so consumption of it may be said to have no side effects. We really need more research/study on it.

  • Papaya leaves are good medicine for dengue fever as it assist human body to increase white blood cells and platelets which is also known as thrombocytes. Since gradual decrease of platelet and white blood causes dengue fever and papaya leaves can cure platelet deficiency in human body. So papaya leaves are good medicine to protect a dengue patient. A dengue patient can drink fresh juice extracted by crushing fresh leaves of papaya.

    Besides, papaya leaf contains powerful anti-malarial and anti-cancer properties, important nutrients including vitamins A, C, and E. To fight against dengue disease a person has to strengthen his immune system. As papaya leaf possesses some nutrient elements which help to strengthen our immune system.

    It is noteworthy that it is effective only in initial stage of a patient(who is suffering from dengue fever) and nobody should take it as substitute for medical advice.

    Tulika Devi Nath

  • Dengue is a viral fever caused by mosquito bites and can be dangerous if not attended in time. Common symptoms are high fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, rashes on the body etc. In advanced stage, internal bleeding of blood and also discharge of blood through mouth and nose and even with feces results in the decrease of the platelet count in the blood which results to a serious situation. Till now there is no effective medicine available for dengue fever.

    Recently, many studies proved that the juice of papaya leaf found to be very useful in the treatment of dengue fever. As per reports from reliable sources, Dengue affected persons shown remarkable improvement within few hours of drinking Papaya leaf juice. Doctors observed remarkable increase in the platelet count in blood of patients who drank papaya leaf juice.

    Papaya leaf juice is to be consumed in natural form (juice of crushed leaves)so that its medicinal value is not sacrificed. It should not be boiled or mixed with any other liquid while drinking. It is a very bitter green juice without any other serious side effects.

    It is believed that many pharmaceutical companies have started formulating papaya leaf extract preparations to find its medicinal properties.

  • For past few days Dengue is again in the news but the good thing about th enews is that the researchers have found a medicine to fight and cure this deadly disease. Yes, Papaya leaves does cure this viral fever. Papaya leaves contains two enzymes namely; papin and chymopapin which helps increase the number of platelets. Dengue mosquito bite reduces the platelet count in the blood which results in high body temperature and at times death of the patient.

    This remedy is very easy and costs very low. Raw leaves are ground and the juice is to be taken out. It is bitter in taste but is advisable to take directly. One can also mix it with some other juice.

    As such Papaya is very rich in vitamins and minerals and now usage of Papaya leaves is really incredible.



  • Dengue is a mosquito born viral disease caused by arboviruses and transmitted to humans principally by the mosquito.
    Yes is that possible papaya juice can reduse the infection of dengue. Papaya juice containes various type of minerals and vitamins which is also useful for the prevention of disease.

  • Yes, it is true that Papaya leaves juice helps Dengue fever.

    Six months back my friend had dengue fever and she was in very serious condition as her platelet count decreased to 32,000. She already had 3 blood transfusions. Doctors said that there is no cure for this dengue. Luckily her family heard about papaya juice cures dengue fever and they got some papaya leaves and gave her the juice. The next day itself papaya juice started showing the result by increasing her platelet. They continued feeding papaya juice and within 3 days she was cured.

    Platelets are small cells which lead to formation of blood clots. The dengue virus effects on production of platelets. For a normal person platelet varies from 150000 – 250000. The platelet count starts falling once the patient is infected with dengue.

    The researches have found that papaya leaf juice can fight virus and help to regenerate platelets. It is recommended to take 4-5 teaspoon of papaya juice, twice a day to get best results. Papaya juice is made from only papaya leaf not from stem. Juice should be made from raw papaya leaves; it should not be boiled or cooked.

    As we all know papaya is good for health, as it is rich in vitamin and minerals. It helps in regenerating healthy cells.

  • A single leaf of papaya, can cure dengue fever. Doctors have now proved that dengue can be cured by drinking the juice of papaya leaf. A single leaf of papaya can cure the disease in just one day.

  • This question was in my mind and I have personally asked many people in the past, yes most of them are telling that Papaya leaves purely extracted juice can cure Dengue fever without any doubt. Papaya leaves juice proved that it has potential natural power to cure the dengue fever which even Allopathy have no compensate medicine for it.

    You can recommend anybody on Papaya leaves extracted juice whoever suffer from Dengue fever.

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    Yes, it will be treated by papaya leaf juice to cure in dengue fever.

    1. Papaya leaves kashayam is a natural cure for dengue fever.

    2. Siddha medicine is a drug of nilavembu kashayam, papaya leaf kashayam, and malai vembu kudineer. Nilavembu kashayam as consumed 30 minutes before food and after 1 hour to drink the kashayam. This is nontoxic but no taste but bitter taste, add in honey or sugar mix and to sweep the kashayam drink.

    3. Tulasi leaves to cure in fever in slowly. Hence, dengue is a virus to cure Siddha medicine but human beings get to control the body in regular exercise and yoga asanas and develop immunity systems.

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