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    What is the career growth in KPO Jobs for Pharmacist ?

    Want to know about career prospects of KPO jobs in pharmacy in India? Learn more about KPO pharmacist jobs, salary prospects and future growth possibilities here.

    Many of Knowledge Processing Organizations (KPO) jobs available now in India. I want to know "What is the career growth in KPO Jobs for Pharmacist ?". Many of international and national organizations attracting youngsters for KPO jobs with good salary packages. Please explain in terms of future benefits, promotions, career opportunities. Is good to select KPO jobs as long time career?
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  • It would have been lot easier if you would have mentioned about your qualification. From the term Pharmacist, I am not able to make out anything about your qualification. However, let me assume that your educational qualification is equivalent to B Pharm as you need to be a graduate in Pharmaceutical Sciences to have a pharmacist license in India. The job opportunities for anyone having adequate knowledge of pharmaceutical sector can be as below:

    Pharma Sector Analyst:As the name KPO suggest, the focus is on knowledge processes which require adequate knowledge of the sector. If you have good knowledge on the latest happenings of the sector, you can opt for a job of Analyst in the pharma sector. Now-a-days there is a very high demand of people who can quickly and efficiently handle a heap of data, analyze them and give a meaningful conclusions. You might be a great help to a financial analyst by giving meaningful information on subjects such as drug design, drug invention and the latest trends in the medical sciences. You can do a data mining job and do a lot of analysis on a given set of data. For this you should have a very good quantitative aptitude and writing skills.

    Salary Package : The salary package of analysts are very high and in line with any financial analyst. This may start anywhere around Rs. 25,000 and can go upto any level.

    Medical Transcription (MT):MT also known as Medical Language Specialist can be a promising career for a striving candidate. To pursue the career, you need to undergo small session on Medical Transcription which may be a class room based training or an online training. The work involves taking narration from a recorded voice which normally comes from a healthcare practitioner (doctor) and documenting in a systematic and error free manner. Though looks pretty simple, it might take months or even years to become a proficient MT. It requires knowledge of medical terminologies, ability to quickly follow the language which may come in various accent, speed and accuracy, good typing skills, good command over English language, good listening skill, very good time management skills and editing skills.

    As an MT you may sometime have the flexibility of working from home as well. However if you work for a KPO then you may have to work in shifts. Payments are directly related to correctness of the text being typed. Too many corrections may jeopardize your job. It may also bring bad reputation to your company.

    Many good companies which have a KPO are most likely to have their division of MT. Once trained, you can also try for online jobs.

    Salary Package: A typical MT job will easily get you between Rs. 10,000-15,000 which may even go upto Rs. 25,000 which will depend on your efficiency. In case of an online job, the payment is done on per line of text basis which varies from company to company. A typical online MT job will fetch you anything in between 0.50 paise to Rs.1.50 per line depending on the quality of the script. The less errors you commit, lesser is the quality checking to be done by your client and hence you get a better pay.

    Telecaller (Marketing Executive) of Pharma Products: There are lot of KPO/ BPOs who are involved in promoting products of Pharma Companies through Telecalling. Some of these products are highly specialized and promotional calls can be handled through qualified medical professionals only. It may be due to facts that the target audiences of such products are Doctors or health practitioners. Though these kinds of jobs are not affluent, yet you can opt for this.

    Customer care executive for healthcare companies: Just like consumer products where a large portion of customer care activities are out sourced, health care companies also need such executive who can effectively and efficiently answer calls of customers.

    Hope I could give some ideas of various jobs that can be found being a pharma sector specialist a KPO.

    Tulika Devi Nath

  • About Knowledge Process Outsourcing [KPO]:
    Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO industry is recognized as one of the highly paid and good career options for many candidates with high knowledge and skills in different fields of expertise including medicine, finance, pharmacy, etc.

    KPO is referred as a form of outsourcing which performs jobs with adequate knowledge and skills in an organization. If any candidates having full and thorough knowledge and have good educational qualifications in this sector, then he/she can earn a good salary package, have a bright future and growth, good positions as well as designation. This sector provides long term jobs for desired candidates only.

    Now coming to your thread:

    They are more demand in the field of Pharmaceutical Sector (Pharma) field in Knowledge Process Outsourcing [KPO] Companies in India.

    To get a suitable job or a role in KPO companies, a person should be qualified either (UG - B.Pharma - Pharmacy) or (PG - M.Pharma - Pharmacy)

    As I stated above there are loads of jobs in this field, but I have specified the ones which are important and get paid handsomely. These jobs are outlined below for your noting:

    a) KPO - Pharma Division – Co-Vigilance Executive: The minimum salary shall range from minimum Rs 18K to Rs 20K per month. First and foremost, he should have (UG - B.Pharma - Pharmacy) or (PG - M.Pharma - Pharmacy). In this KPO Job, the desired candidate should demonstrate high level of proficiency in the field of product quality complaints, he need to actively audit the entire product. He needs to handle queries pertaining to product, customer service requests and medical enquiries. He needs to bring awareness of any changes and regulations of new products.

    b) KPO - Pharma and Health care Division – Customer Care Supervisor: The minimum salary shall range from minimum Rs 10K to Rs 14K per month depending on knowledge of medical terminology, and experience. The customer care supervisor or an executive is required in any pharma company or health care division in dealing with inbound and outbound calls. These customer care supervisor or an executive need to handle calls, market the pharmaceutical products only after having good and thorough knowledge about the chosen product to achieve sales target.

    c) KPO - Pharma Division – Medical Reviewer or Analyst: The minimum salary shall range from minimum Rs 24K to Rs 27K per month depending on relevant experience in pharma co vigilance division. Here the main responsibility will be review of reports pertaining to product, and also thorough review and preparation of clinical trial safety assessments and reporting any weakness, before giving a green signal for the product to be sold in the market.

    d) KPO - Pharma Division – Medical Representative / Technical Sales Executive or Officer: The minimum salary shall range from minimum Rs 15 to Rs 17K per month depending on relevant experience in promoting the product of the client. Here the main responsibility will be promoting the pharma product of the client and presenting the same to Hospitals and Laboratories. The foremost objective to ensure the availability of the product range in Hospitals through marketing strategy or marketing techniques. Another objective is to know whether they are shortfall of any products in Hospitals or Shops and measures to be taken to increase the sales marginally and sharing product specification to the Hospitals or any Pharma Shops.

    e) KPO - Pharma Division –Hospital Administration: The minimum salary shall range from minimum Rs 20 to Rs 22K per month depending on relevant experience in administration. Here the main responsibility will be administration, mapping the products and should be aware of product specification and its techniques.

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