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  • Some tips for getting merit in the examination

    Want to know how to get merit in Higher Secondary examination? Learn the step by step processes of getting merit in examinations.

    I am appearing in higher secondary certification this year. I want to get merit in the examination but I do not know the ways how I can get it ? This age is the age of competition.

    I want to know about the preparation of the examination so that I may get merit this year.

    How many hours should I spend on study ? How should I manage my time so that I may easily get my goal.

    Please suggest me some facts about the preparation the examination.
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  • First of all, please explain what you mean by "getting merit". I suppose you want to perform well in your examination and you are seeking advice from the members.

    Well, I have one simple advise for you that there is no shortcut to success. You have to try hard to perform well in your examination. I would like to suggest a few simple steps which will definitely yield good result to you.

    1. Make a schedule and follow it regularly: Please make a regular schedule for your studies and all other extracurricular activities. You might know the old saying that "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy". So you have to maintain a very balanced schedule between your studies and other activities such as playing and entertainment, helping your parents in daily work etc. Please follow it regularly, otherwise your schedule will remain in your note book and will never give you the intended result.

    2. Follow your teachers instructions: You should go through the notes provided by your teachers and revise them regularly. Remember, your performance will largely depend on how you write your answers in the examinations. Your teachers are the best guides in this regards. Their guidance in writing answers will greatly help you in doing well in your exams.

    3. Pay attention in the classroom: Remember, your class room is the place you learn the things the most. So please pay attention in the class and clear all your doubts by asking your teachers or discussing among students. Please don't shy away or get hesitated to ask any questions to your teachers. This will not only help you in getting confidence but also it will fetch you good name in the class.

    4. Do a thorough preparation for the examination: Time is the greatest essence. So please select the topics very carefully as you will get very limited time between your examinations to revise. Revision is very important as it will boost your confidence and also to become concise and to the point while answering your questions.

    5. Avoid preparing all the topics for the examination: Although you should have the knowledge on all the chapters, you should put special emphasis on special topics which are more important than others. Try to give more time in your weak subjects.

    6. Practice of previous papers:Look at the previous year's question papers, you will find that some of the topics are always covered. That means these topics carry some special importance among the overall course curriculum. So you should pay special attention to them. Try to solve your old question papers at home and this practice will help to improve your writing skill. This practice helps you later to complete your question papers in examination within definite time.

    There will be many more advice but it will entirely depend on your endeavor and consistency of hard work. Wish you all the best.

    Tulika Devi Nath

  • Dear Haridas Raikwar,
    Good to know that you want to get good percentage in your exams. The key to success is a combination of hard-work and proper planning. Here are some simple tips to get merit in your exam:

    1. Make a Time table in which you have to list how much time you have to allot for each subject per day.

    2. The weak subjects need to be given more time and put them at the time when your brain is very fresh.

    3. decide which time is more suitable for your study, morning or night. Every person have an inbuilt clock which decides at which time your brain may be able to grasp more. Some people find studying in the morning more beneficial where as some find late night studies are better for their remembrance.

    4. Find out which is the best refresher book in that subject and read it completely paying more attention to questions that have appeared in past board exams.

    5. Get Chapter wise distribution of marks. list from your subject teacher and accordingly distribute your time in preparing them. For example those chapters which have more weightage need to be prepared thoroughly.

    6. There are some essay type question that are usually expected in exams for 6 marks. Never leave them. In fact, prepare them thoroughly with diagrams.

    7. Never skip pre-board exams conducted in school as they will provide you with the list of expected important question in the exam. A teacher prepares a question paper by keeping a lot of things in mind so never think these internals exams are useless. Further, they helps in removing exam fear from your mind and lets you have practice to finish exam within the time allotted.

    8. Eat a fresh balanced diet to increase grasping power of your mind.

    9. Do not always keep on studying but give some refreshing time to your body and mind by going out with friends and family.

    10. Practice old question papers and try to give mock-exams at home where your parents or brother/sister may help you in correction.

    11. Revise every topic covered in the class after coming home to reinforce it in your brain.

    Keep on practicing and take help of your teachers in clearing all your doubts. All the very best.


  • Dear Haridas Raikwar,

    Everyone of us aims for success in our chosen field in life. Know that there is no short-cut to success; you must work hard. So, there are some tips and tricks/techniques to do well in exam but finishing the complete syllabus and having understood the basics of the subject/course should be the main concern for any student.

    Take the exam seriously and prepare in advance. Your time is very precious so use it wisely. Get a proper time-table/routine which really helps. Be attentive at class; make notes/key points and get them checked; revise them. Some facts to be remembered in parrot-fashion (mathematical formulas/dates and years from history/important facts in geography etc.) whereas others need proper understanding. Learn to differentiate them and work on that.

    Do take care of your health. Don't forget to get your body daily vitamin and mineral requirements it needs. Have your meals properly. Cut down your intake of coffee/tea; instead have fresh fruits (they have powerful antioxidants and other nutrients; the natural sugars in them will offer you energy on your desk); get lots of fresh juice, milk, anti-oxidant-rich green tea or water and stay well hydrated. Have sound sleep.

    Never panic with the exam paper on your hand. Be confident that you know the answers. After carefully going through the entire exam paper, start with the easiest questions first (and forget the order) that will boost your confidence. Don't overlook the marking scheme and devote your time to any answer according to the marks. If you're running out of time and there is absolutely no time to explain, answer in bullet points. Sometimes, we get stuck and become blank to start how to answer which is merely a waste of time. The best is to move on attempting next question and come back to the previous question after some time; often it turns out relatively easy and clear. Check your paper and revise your answers at the end. Hope these will help you. Good luck to you.

  • If you have zeal and strong desire to achieve your goal then no one can hold your hand by doing that. Just because of lack of guidance and improper planning many times people fails to reach to their goals. If you know your goal very clearly then you have already won the half battle.

    I do not believing long hours studying. It is depends on person to person how long they want to study. Hence more important is to study in a right manner by using some time table. So I think you are the only person who can plan your own day to do effective study.

    Still if you need more guidance then try to contact any educational councilors which are experts of this field. Even you can read below given resource for additional information.

    1. Students study skills tips
    2. Study tips.

  • If you want to get good marks and perform good in the examination, then I give you some tips about this,

    1. Make a good schedule of your day, and study at least 5 hour in home.

    2. Follows every instruction of your teachers. and do home work properly.

    3. Practice every question at home,which you have done at school.

    4. Participate in extra curricular activities, it will make your mind sharp.

    5. Don't sleep late night. And always try to get up early in the morning.

    6. If you can't prepare any question, or it become difficult for you, then read or solve that question in the morning, because at that time, out mind is fresh.

    7. Write proper answer relevant to question, and make your hand writing good.

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  • Dear member first of all you must know that no one is here except you who knows better about you. You are very well concerned with your daily routine and working. Only way to get merit in any examination is to work hard. Tips are just to encourage you so that you can manage your study. I will just tell you that clear or grasp you concepts for this you can take help of your teachers. Devote more time in your study and read with writing so that you can't forget the concept. Write every concept not only to just read. Time, reading and writing is three tips from my side that will surely help you to get merit in your higher secondary examination. Last but not least that you must follow these three common tips that will surely help you. Another take proper rest and healthy food. Avoid junk type foods because your healthy body will store more concept than ill body. My best wishes is with you. All the best for your studies.

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  • I am also undergoing my semester exams and I know that everyone wants to get good grades and try to prove their worth. Here are some tips to help you to achieve your goal:

    1) Frame a time table for your everyday work. Keep the maximum hours for studies but in break because mind needs refreshment.

    2) Go through your concerned books thoroughly.

    3) Don't leave any topic unprepared.

    4) Go through the previous year papers as they help you to understand the pattern of the upcoming papers.

    5) Stop preparing when only two hours are left for the exams. It helps you to refresh your whole body.

    6) Always try to be stress free and don't worry about the future.

    7) Try to revise all the topics atleast twice as it helps to carve an image of the text in your mind.

    Also for the next exams; while in the classroom, be attentive to whatever the teacher/professor is delivering to you. And always try to follow the instructions of your teacher as much as you can.

    These tips will surely help you to reach your goal.

    "For winners never quit, For quitters never win!"
    With regards
    Syed Musaddiq Andrabi
    Love ISC

  • Hi Haridas Raikwar
    I know you are a school teacher of English subject and I think you ask this question for knowing techniques how to get good marks in exams or getting rank in merit list for welfare of your students. So I give you some tips for getting good marks in exams.
    1. Understanding the full syllabus with its limitations for study better up to level of your class.
    2. Understanding the pattern of examinations, how questions ask, how to give answers in exams etc. For this you can take help with last five year question papers.
    3. Study important and selected topics because in exams these are asked generally.
    4. Study with timetable is always beneficial for getting good marks.
    5. Selection of books also important because they have quality than the quantity of answers.
    6. Make practice to solve question papers within time limit.
    For more information you can read 'How get good marks in exams' article. I sure you will be benefited.

    Rajendra Singh
    I am not the BEST,
    but I am not like the REST........

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