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    What are other career options available after completing BDS rather than MDS?

    Confused what to do after completing BDS rather than classical MDS? Looking for technical courses for a career in research field after BDS? Check out what career experts recommend and why.

    I am doing my BDS. I want to know what are the other courses that I can take up after completing BDS rather than MDS. I am interested in research field. is there any scope? Is there any M-Tech course after BDS (like medical nanotechnology, etc.) Kindly tell me in detail.
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  • It is normal practice for anyone who takes up a professional course to look for handsome return after completion of the studies. The usual practice is to start consulting under a renowned practitioner and as time passes by get a handful of years experience to start your own venture. Hope you are already aware of the options available for you.

    From your query it seems that you are a person who is more interested in the technicalities involved in dentistry rather than becoming a dental surgeon. There could be some options which lead to research in the fields of dental surgery however, think before you take any decision as it may ruin all the efforts you had put in all the previous years. MDS could be a good option however, it would cost you nearly Rs. 3-4 lacs per year and at the end you would not achieve very significant advantages.

    Do you want to be in the profession of teaching? As MDS could be a good option to become a professor in a private of government medical college.
    You can opt for M Tech in dental technology. You will be eligible for the course as you are already a BDS. You can get the information on Universities worldwide from the link below:




    4. Other colleges offering the colleges are as below:
    5. Diploma in Dental Technology

    6. Thakur Polytechnic, Mumbai

    7. Mahatma Gandhi Mission's College, Navi Mumbai.

    8. Central Institute for Dental Technology, Kerala

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  • Thank you Ashwin Ramesh Kumar for posting this query. You are not the only one who is worried about knowing what to do after you are BDS. There are many BDS undergraduates or graduates who will be looking for this information. You are also correct in your judgement to not to do MDS which will give you an additional certificate and perhaps a little more salary as a lecturer in a college. Of course, there are many options open to you if you do not want to take up an MDS course. The options start from opening a clinic of our own to taking a job in government or private service in India or abroad. As a graduate you also become eligible for writing IAS / IPS examination of the Union Public Service Commission. You can even join the Army Dental Corps if you like defence as a career. You said that you do not want to opt for MDS, but what about MHA (Master in Hospital Management) with better salary and employment opportunities. Let us discuss these opportunities for you after your BDS degree which is a four years course with one year of internship.

    Opening your own clinic
    This option is very good if you have your mother or father or some other close relative or friend in the same line who are already running dental clinic who will be able to guide you. Secondly, you must be able to manage the funds to start a clinic since you will be needing accommodation at a prime locality and the money to buy the equipment for the clinic. It would be better to work as assistant with some reputed dentist to gain experience and skills of the trade before you think of opening your own clinic. You must have a right temperament like patience which is very essential for a dental doctor who has to be with the patient treating him of his dental ailment for longer hours. The job is not like the other doctors who just sit on a seat, examine the patient for some time and write a prescription slip. Thus you have to learn the tricks of your trade before you opt for starting a clinic of your own.

    Teaching Assignment in a college
    You can take up a teaching assignment in a government or private dental college. However, you have to work at a low salary. Do not make it your permanent job but use it as a platform for preparing for your post-graduation degree. Then you can become an Asst professor or Professor or Head of Department of some college to earn a higher salary and respect.

    Government service
    Some state public service commissions recruit BDS doctors in government service through examinations which can be tried. As a graduate, you an also appear for IAS or IPS examinations held by the UPSC and enjoy one of the top most government service in India. The posts carry quite high salaries and a lot of respect and dignity. However you cannot write the Combined Medical Services Exams conducted by USPC, the minimum qualifications for which is MBBS.

    Opportunities abroad
    If you plan to go abroad, there are opportunities of going and settling abroad in counties like the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, you have to undergo all the formalities required by those countries before you decide to settle there. For example, for going to the US you have to pass the National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) of that country. All the formalities of getting a passport and visa has to be arranged by you. Look for any recruitment notifications issued by the gulf countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Muscat etc which offer jobs on 3 / 4 years contract basis. Earn there, come back and start your own clinic here with the income earned.

    Job in Army Dental Corps In case you are interested in serving as a defence personal, then the right choice for you to join the Army Dental Corps either as short service commissioned officer or you can take up a permanent commission in the army. The job carries a lot of respect, promotions, salary and perks. Moreover, there is a pride in wearing the military uniform. You can check up the official website for details. Kindly look for announcement about jobs in defence in Employment News.

    MBA in hospital management.
    MBA in hospital administration or Masters in Hospital Administration (MHA) is gaining a lot of popularity these days. One of the eligibility conditions among others is the BDS graduation. This course offers better chances of employment and good salary. There are a good number of job opportunites in government and private hospitals after obtaining this qualification. The courses for medical students are available at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and the National Insitute of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi. The courses for non-medical students are available at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration, Hyderabad and Indan Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) at Jaipur.

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  • It is good to know that just like other medical students you are not thinking to do MDS after completing BDS. In that situation you can try to join government hospitals. Second would be give UPSC exam to take admission to Army dental corp. This also includes the service of Indian Navy through short service commission.

    I would also suggest you to carefully read below given resource written by our ME Vandana ma'am which is based on same topic.

    Dentistry career in India

    Most important : As this is related to your career you need to take right decision before going further. Hence you can also take the advice of any career counselor . These are the professional people who can guide you very well than any other normal person.

  • HI,
    1. Settle in abroad
    Dentistry in abroad is one of highest paid jobs.. In the past it is easy to go and settle in abroad but at present UK,AUSTRALIA, USA Have to clear procedures to settle and it takes more finance.
    2. MBA In hospital Management.
    3. Army dental corps is good idea.
    4. Pre PG-Assistant some dentist or put up clinic or intership or teaching.

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  • Yes, there are a lots of options waiting for you after doing BDS. Many people don't want to do MDS after BDS, because it is so expensive and not have so many advantages for doing MDS.
    After BDS, you can go abroad, and can do a job as a researcher in dentistry.
    You can open your own clinic, which can be so good for you. You can also do MS in Medical Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Renal Science and Neuroscience.

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  • In addition to the opportunities available as already discussed you can pursue MBA in Hospital Management at a few management colleges in India which offer such courses like Indian Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) at Delhi, Jaipur and Bangalore. Health Industry is expanding and there will be lot of employment opportunities.

    Ashok Goyal

  • There are many options after BDS. PG Diploma in Hospital Administration is the best option to become as a hospital administrators etc. By opting PG Diploma in Hospital Administration at medvarsity, students can enhance their skills in handling administrative functions at hospitals and healthcare departments etc. Follow this link to register :

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