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    Home gardening - Growing vegetables at home

    Want to grow a home garden? Find out which vegetables and fruits can be easily grown at home. Find the best home gardening vegetables here from our agronomy experts.

    With expenses going high and people opting for organic farming, there are few vegetables and farming that can be easily grown at home. These would be free from pesticides and healthy and would not need spending those extra bucks for organic food.

    I would like to know what vegetables and stuffs can be easily grown at home?
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  • There are many plants which we can grow very well in our domestic garden but little water is essential for all.

    • onion.

    • Tomato.

    • ladies finger.

    • drum stick.

    • Potato.

    The gardening is one of good hobbies.

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  • You can grow a good number of vegetables in your kitchen garden easily without depending much on the use of fertilizers. Some of the vegetables that can be easily grown are:
    1. Egg plant / brinjal (baingan)
    2. Bitter gourd (karela)
    3. Ridge gourd
    4. Lady's finger (bhindi)
    5. Tomato
    6. Green chillies (hari mirch)
    7. Tindora
    8. Curry leaves
    9. Amaranthus
    10. Cilantro / corriander
    11. Malabar nightshade / Indian spinach (poi)

    These vegetables can be easily grown in the kitchen garden but the only thing is just like children, these plants to need proper care for their healthy growth. So just by making the plants grow in our backyard and leaving the plants to their fate will not give good yield but these need to be looked after properly and should be provided with proper nutrition from time to time will really help in giving good result.

    It is not difficult to look after these plants but once in a while, the soil around need to be loosened to ensure free flow of air. The surrounding should be weeded out in case of heavy growth of unwanted plants and the soil should be provided with good manure from time to time. If we spend little time for these plants, we will get good yield.

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  • Hai,
    It is very great to have good decision to grow vegetables' plant in your home. You can try the following plants,

    1. Ladies finger

    2. Tomato

    3. Onion seeds

    4. Brinjal

    5. Drum stick

    6. Potato

    7. Grean peas

    8. Trunifs

    9. Radish

    10. Pumpkin

    11. Green banana

    12. White gourd

    13. Bitter gourd

    14. Green chillies

    15. Various leaves.

    You should take care of them daily.


  • Hi dear,

    Realy, good opinion to farm vegitables our own at home. Many of vegitables we can farm.

    1. Ladies finger
    2. Green Chilli
    3. Cucumber
    4. Tomato
    5. Pumpkin
    6. Bitter gourd
    7. Cucumber/vellari
    8. Beans
    9. Elephant foot yam
    10. Sweet melon


    Ladies finger is one of the vegitable which is growing very fast. You must wet the plants daily. You can put a little of the waste of other vegitables and non vegitables on the bottom of the plant instead of any manure.

    The picture is cucumber plant. Which is farm by my self.

    Thanks and regards
    " you will become success"

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  • It is very much possible to grow more vegetables and fruits in the limited space of your garden by judicious utilization of the available space. Some of the vegetable that can be easily grown without much fuss in your garden are as follows:
    • Potatoes.

    • Onion.

    • Tomatoes.

    • Lauki or gourd.

    • Bitter gourd or karela.

    • Ladies finger.

    • Pumpkin or 'kaddu'.

    • 'Tori'

    • Cabbage.

    • Mushrooms.

    • Spinach and other green leafy vegetable.

    • Cauliflower.

    • Brinjal.

    • Green chilly.

    • Curry leaves.

    • Cucumber.

    • Radish.

    • Drum sticks.

    • Coriander or ' haraa dahnia'.

    Apart from vegetables a number of fruit can also be grown in your garden by planting their trees. some of them may include:
    Banana, grapes, water melon, musk melon, papaya or 'papita', lemon, 'amrood', mango tree and so on.

    you have to look after whatever you plant in your garden as there also they are prone to be effected by insects and pests. But since gardening in your back yard involves small area, you can very well look after them and destroy any insects or pests effecting them using organic agents or neem-spray.

    Potatoes could be grown in long gunny bags filled with soil with holes in various places. This way you could even hang them on walls. Cabbages could also be grown in similar way. One of my friends is planting potatoes and cabbages in long gunny bags filled with soil to make best use of less space in her garden.

    Further, you may divide your garden in small squares and use each one of them for a particular type of plant. This way it becomes easy to look after them and counter plant infection with more efficiency. You may leave your pet in your garden so that their excreta could work as manure for your plants. You may think about having hen in your garden. You can leave them in your garden from where they would help you by eating on small worms destroying your plants.


  • Hi,
    growing plant is a very ood habbit. It is best to stop the increasing range of pollution. And growing vegetable plants at home gives many types of benifits to us:

    1. It is good for environment.
    2. It saves money that we spend in markketing of vegetables.
    3. It looks good or we feel happy by growing plants at home.

    The plants which can be grown at home easily are as follow:

    .Green chilly
    .couli flower
    .Lady finger

  • You have a good idea. In this present age when the pricing of everything is going high your idea has its own importance. I think there are many vegetables and many scientific methods today that can help us to grow many vegetables in our garden. We should choose what vegetables you want to grow and then you should know about the methods of growing them and you should consult some experienced person also and if it is possible you should visit some such type of garden. Then you should have many new and more ideas. I think you can grow the following vegetables in your garden. (1) Guard (2) onion (3) potato (4) ladies finger (5) tomato (6) chilly (7) radis (8) brinjal (9) cucumber (10) simla mirch (11) beans I think these are the name of some vegetables that you can grow in your garden.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

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  • Growing vegetable and fruits at your home is the best way to eat healthy and stay fit. Home gardening means to grow vegetables in your home garden by putting the organic manure. Vegetable growing at home are more nutritious and free of pesticides. These vegetables are fresh, delicious and healthy. Home grown vegetables are cheaper as compared to the market vegetables. Home gardening is also best way to consume your free time. There are number of options in vegetables and fruits which you can grow at home are:-

    • Tomato

    • Mushrooms

    • Spinach

    • Radish

    • Onion

    • Peas

    • Carrot

    • Pepper

    • Lettuce

    • Corns

    • Garlic

    • Lady Finger

    • Guava

    • Grapes

    • Papaya

    It is difficult to maintain a home garden as it demands your proper time and care. There are few tips that how can you maintain your home garden.

        Select proper places where the plants can get the required sun light at least of six hours.

        You can grow vegetables in your open garden or in pots. It depends upon the space available.

        Take the proper knowledge that which plant grows from seed or needs starter plants.

        Don't at once grow the large quantity of vegetable and fruits.

        Water the plants according to their requirements.

        Add the organic manure like cow dung or kitchen waste i.e. tealeaves.

        Take the weeds out from the plants time to time.

    Follow the above tips and you will be able to enjoy and harvest more and more vegetables and fruits.

    Amit Goyal

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