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    MSc(CS) or MBA(IT) after BSc(CS)

    Want to know whether MSc(CS) or MBA(IT) after BSc(CS) which one is a better choice? Learn more about the career prospects of MSc(CS) and MBA(IT) after BSc(CS)

    I have experience of 12 years in IT field as hardware engineer after completion of 3yrs Diploma in Computer Science Engg. Completed "B Sc (Computer Science)" from Allahabad University in distance education. Now I want to continue higher studies. Can any career expert tell me, should I go for MBA(IT) or MSc(Ccomputer Science)/MCA/MSc(IT) . Which program has more prospect...Thanks
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  • My friend having 12 year experience is really good. So from my point of view it is better to choose MBA to boost your career. As you have 12 year experience it is good chance to be in management activities with bigger role. So MBA is best option to achieve it. Doing MCA and MSC will help you to increase your IT knowledge, which you may have learned already through your experience, whereas MBA will each you more over Management things.

  • Both MBA and Msc will boost your carrier in different ways, that depends on your interest level. MSC will boost your technical things and level change in your current job and you can grow fast, or else if you interest towards management then will go for MBA, but again you need to grow from down to high in management.

  • Go for MBA IT as you also have 12 yrs experience in IT field. A relevant degree in IT field helps you in moving on. You can also do MBA IT online/part time or through Distance mode

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    As for the MSc vs the MBA- here is my sense making question:

    Do you see yourself as the top technical expert or the top boss in your ultimate career?

    If techie- go MSc Test. And go ahead and get it now. But if you think you are destined for management. Get some work experience then MBA.

    Again, without knowing your field, all I can do is give some general thoughts.

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