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    Treatment of Pain in shoulder?

    Are you having acute pain in shoulder without any visible reason? Learn what might be the cause of sudden shoulder pains, how to prevent and cure shoulder pains, natural therapies, yoga treatments and more.

    What is the reason behind pain in shoulder even no any previous history of accident or any other condition?
    I am suffered this problem from last month. Give some ideas about prevention and treatment of this condition.
    What will be the natural treatment of pain?
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  • Shoulder Pain is sometimes due to Frozen Shoulder and you need to take the following actions:

    1. Get your blood sugar level tested.
    2. Physio Therapy is the best for Shoulder Pain.
    3. Check for any injury.
    4. You can apply any pain reliever Gel like VOLINI or Moov.
    5. Do not medicate yourself.
    6. Hot Bladder can also be useful.
    But the cause of shoulder pain has to be investigated.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Does your profession require you to strain your neck and shoulders? Mostly IT professionals who have to work on computers for long hours and dentists who have to bend their necks while working develop this neck and shoulder pain usually. This occurs because chronic strain in this area ,causes the muscles of this region to become sore.

    You can relieve the pain by doing stretching and strengthening exercises to regain the normal tone of muscles. But these exercises have to be done daily 2-3times for a period of 4-5months to yield results. You can consult a physiotherapist to guide you regarding the specific exercises you need to do

    Keep your body well hydrated and include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also include vitamin tablets for a period of 2-3weeks

    Avoid using a pillow while sleeping and take frequent breaks during work to stretch and relax your shoulder and neck


  • Dear member,
    You haven't mentioned about your age.
    Anyway I will tell you in general.

    Home remedies and Preventions:
  • Rest
  • Avoid lifting over weight
  • Do not sleep on affected limb
  • Do exercises regularly(for exercise see below)
  • Apply hot water fomentation
  • Walk by swinging both the arms
  • Visit doctor for physiotherapy treatments like waxbath,IFT modalities.

  • Wand exercise:
    Hold one end of a towel with one hand and the other end with other hand and raise your arm to 90 degree without bending your elbow.

  • Pendular exercise:
    In forward bending position,with normal hand resting on table or chair,gradually swing your affected arm like a pendulum and later carry out a rotational movement.

  • Wall climbing exercises:
    You can place your arm in wall without bending your elbow and gradually climb up and down the wall with your hand.
    You must do it in both the directions
    1.facing the wall
    2.facing sideways of the wall.

  • These exercises provides best results after hot water fomentation.
  • Do each and every exercise for 10 counts thrice daily(you may increase it gradually)
  • For more exercises like wheel exercise,pulley exercise visit your nearby physiotherapy department since you need some equipments.


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