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    What is bran oil and its health benefits?

    Do you want to know about the health benefits of bran oil? Learn what is rice bran oil and how bran oil can help us stay fit.

    Recently I have been seeing a lot of advertisements on TV and in the print media on rice bran oil and wheat bran oil. What exactly are these oils? Can they be used for all types of cooking, such as daily cooking of vegetables, shallow frying and deep frying?

    Also, are bran oils better than using olive oil for cooking?
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  • 1. When rice is polished than the bye product is rice bran. Polishing is a process as we do in the case of gold to bring luster to the ornaments.
    2. Technologies have made it possible to use all the bye products of agricultural produce.Rice Bran is in small %age to the rice milled out of paddy.
    3. Rice Bran as a raw product is highly toxic.
    4. ice bran has go through many refining processes before it can be used as an edible oil.
    5. Government has allowed mixing of rice bran oil to a very low limited extent in edible oils.
    6. There can not be any edible oil with 100% rice bran oil as we see as Groundnut Oil, Mustard Oil, Sunflower Oil.
    7. Rice bran oil in itself is not very much good for health but in very low quantities it may have some nutritional values if the refining process is fool proof.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Wheat bran oil is basically the oil that is extracted from the inner husk,(which we call as germ and thus the name 'wheat germ oil')of the wheat. Similarly rice bran oil is also extracted from the inner husk of rice which is obtained by removing the outer layer of rice by polishing.
    Bran is a very good source of dietary fiber and essential fatty acids along with many nutrients.

    Rice bran oil has higher smoke point (213*C) and thus it is one of the good options to be used for cooking, shallow frying and deep frying food. Rice bran oil contains anti-oxidants which are very good for our body. Medical research has shown that rice bran oil helps in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, controls gastric acid secretion, and positively effects many glands of our body. It is also believed to relieve a woman from hot flashes during menopause.

    But it has also been revealed in research that rice bran contains inorganic arsenic, which is a toxin and cancer producing element (i.e. have carcinogenic properties). That is why it is essential to verify the percentage of inorganic arsenic in bran oil before using it. Wheat and oat bran contains less arsenic compared to rice bran oil.

    Many companies mix rice and wheat bran oils with other oils to make a healthy option for users.

    Comparison between Olive oil and rice bran oil:
    • Rice bran oil contains about 39% mono-unsaturated fatty acids where as olive oil contains 73% approximately.

    • Rice bran oil contains 35% poly-unsaturated fatty acids whereas olive oil contains only 10 to 11%.

    • Rice bran oil possesses about 20% saturated fatty acid whereas olive oil contains it only about 14%.

    Thus rice bran oil contains more balanced composition and thus is recommended over olive oil but I would like to stress it that a user must verify if the brand of bran oil he/she is buying is free from inorganic arsenic or not and if so in what percentage.


  • I too was wondering about it. Thanks for the information, now I understand what exactly is rice bran oil and wheat bran oil.

  • Now days we see grains that we buy are almost polished in the making and then packed. The outer cover or the skin is almost removed to make the grains look more cleaner and adhere to the market standards. But we forget that the skin that was removed has lots of nutrient qualities in them. A bran oil is made out of the hard cover of these grains, that is wheat bran rice bran oil that you find in the market today.
    Rice Bran Oil is considered as the most healthiest choice of oil in the world today, also it has so many good qualities in them like; It helps you lose the excess body fat and make you skinny. As it is cold pressed it has high metabolism rate also it is full of Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fats, also it acts as anti oxidant on skin.
    Rice Bran oil has some important nutrients like Gamma Oryzanol which helps to burn out the excess sugar in the body that causes fat accumulate on our hips. Also it reduces cholesterol from our body that is formed by the food we eat.
    Secondly it has Omega -6 essential fatty acids. Again as we know these have lots and lots of Vitamins and Antioxidant, it is very good for your skin as well. It can be used in treatment of skin irritations and infections. Also good on new born baby skin. It is the food for sensitive skin.
    But you should make proper decision in buying it. Cold pressed oil is good for skin but not for cooking, so check properly if the oil is too dark it is not well refined and is cold pressed. Hope that helps.

  • Rice bran oil is taken out (extracted) from the inner husk and germ of the rice. It is well known for its high smoke point of about 415oF. It is mild in flavor, less viscous and contains fewer calories. Rice bran is mono-saturated oil that contains high quantity of vitamin E.

    Benefits of Rice bran oil

    It has less percentage of cholesterol
    As compared to other oils, rice bran oil has lower percentage of cholesterol. It contains gamma oryzanol that is helpful to reduce heart diseases.

    Contain anti-cancer properties
    As rice bran oil contains gamma and delta tocotrienols which plays an important role in delaying the growth of cancer cells.

    It acts as a skin protector
    Oryaznol present in rice bran oil acts as a sunshield and is used in hair conditioner.

    It contains antioxidants
    Rice bran oil contains antioxidants which are helpful in fighting against the body infections.

    Used in cooking and frying
    As it has high smoke point, it is highly preferred for cooking, deep frying and salad dressings.

    Amit Goyal

  • Thanks for the information! Rice bran oil is supposed to be the healthiest oil for cooking. Olive oil is good but when heated, it loses all its health benefits. Saffola Total has twice the antioxidant powder, which keeps the heart healthy and multiseed technology makes the oil best for cooking. We have been using Saffola Total for cooking and I have observed that it absorbs less oil compared to other rice bran oils.

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