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    Difference Between Courier & Logistics Company

    Do you want to know the differences between a courier and a logistics company? Find out how courier and logistics companies differ from each other.

    What is main Difference between Courier & Logistics Company, How are both company different from each other? what about there working style? there way of working? I need all details regarding Courier as well as Logistics Company.
    Why Courier company is more popular then Logistics Company or Why Logistics company is more popular then Courier company.
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  • Courier services offers to serve only documents and portable goods (not big consignments). Courier services is better to send and receive documents fast and safe. Few courier services providers offer portable goods transport those are not very big in size and heavy. Courier service provider company's in India are, Blue Dart, Gati Courier, DTDC, etc.

    Logistics Company offers to serve heavy goods transport through truck, rail, flights. Logistics service provider company's in India are, DHL, Tushar Logistics, etc.

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  • Courier and Logistics companies comes under freight company which specializes in shifting or transportation of articles or materialistic things from one place to another. These materialistic things may include any kind of paper document, to large items. Any means of transportation like by road, rail, air and/or water may be used to transport the items and depending on the mode, the time of transportation and shipment charges are laid down for the customers.

    The basic difference between courier and logistics company is that logistics deals with the business network that manages material, information, capital flows and services to the customers. It is a wider concept in all together. Courier companies usually deals with the management and shipment of small packages but now a days even they have started making it big by investing in big freight ventures.

    I usually compares such companies on basic 3 S's: service, safety and speed provided by them. If a courier company is rated more than a logistic in these 3 S's in an area then go for it. Additionally, it depends on the type of item you want to transport. I usually prefer fast and secure courier company for small household transportation and logistics company for bigger shipments.


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    Courier companies are used to send and receive letters,small parcels etc.
    Logistics companies handle large size of goods such as manufactured products,finished products etc

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