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    What are HTML tags and how to use them in our articles?

    Do you want to know what are HTML tags and how to use HTML tags in articles? Learn more about the proper use of HTML tags here.

    I need help regarding the use of HTML tags. I have no clue of HTML and i am not a Computer person. I want to know the meaning of Highlighting HTML tags. And please provide me the easy and proper method of how to use them. Also please provide with step to step guidance of how to use HTML while writing the articles. I always wanted to know how they link a page from one to other.
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  • Expansion of HTML is hypertext markup language. It is the basic language for creating a webpage and learning HTML is not a rocket science which you can learn it easily. Highlighting HTML tags are the tags which highlights a particular word from the paragraph such as tags < b >, < i >, < strong >, < u >.

    Some Basic HTML Tags:

    1. < b > for bold must end with < /b >

    2. < i >
      for italic must end with < /i >

    3. < strong > is similar to the appearance of bold tag (< b >) depends upon the browser.

    4. < u > for underline and must end with < / u >

    5. Here is the example for creating clickable link with HTML < a href="">Your link text goes here< / a>

    6. Use can use the heading tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 and you can use H1 tag only one time for a page and use can use other tags unlimited. Adding good keywords in heading tags are important for SEO and adding more than one H1 tag will be consider as spamming by google. There are many types of HTML tags but most of them are prohibited to use in ISC.

    7. [Note: You must avoid the space inside the tag brackets "<.nospacehereplease.>" to make the code works correct and each tag must end with an correct end tag.]

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  • Thanks for the step by step guide Sir Dan.
    I have had the similar issue before and I too was felling bit frustrating.I have no knowldege of such HTML language but as a member here in ISC I learned very easily.
    Member,for your information,if your articles was pending because of some modification from you to highlight heading.Highlight the headings with < B >, < /B > and < H2 > and < H2 >.
    1.Highlighting the important words.
    If you want to lighlight important words then use < B > before and after the word as < /B >
    suppose if you want to mark ''PUT'' and ''BUT'' as important word then insert HTML like this without any spaces as explained by Sir Dan.
    < B > PUT < /B > and < B > BUT < /B >.
    These are the examples.
    2.How to use HTML or highlight Headings with HTML.
    Suppose if you have Headings in your article and want to highlight with HTML,then try this.
    HTML for highliting headings codes are:
    ''< H2 > , < /H2 >''
    suppose:If you want to mark your heading as ''Reading'',''Writing'' or ''Listening''
    then put < H2 > and < /H2 >.
    Put < H2 > before the headings Reading and put < /H2 > after the headings without any spaces.
    Example-Use < H2 >Reading< /H2 > and it will automatically highlight your heading like this-Eg:-




    I hope it have helped you out.
    If you're still having doubts the see the reference link below for more help.
    Note:Spaces is not allowed.It's an example and avoid spaces and '' or '' so that the codes work correctly,when posting or inserting HTML highlighting.
    @sir Dan Thank you very much for teaching us how to make clickable links.I was unaware of that but after reading your response I have learned it.
    Thank You Sir Dan.

  • Dear member,
    HTML tags are abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language which is used to bold the important keywords, underline something that you want to focus and for listing the points of notes to your content. Here I provide some basic HTML tags and their uses.

    Bold tags:
    These tags are used to highlight the keywords. for example if you want to highlight Indiastudychannel, you can use bold tag as follows:

    < b>Indiastudychannel< /b>. It will appear as Indiastudychannel. You can also use strong instead of 'b' here.

    Underline tag:
    This tag is used to underline a word or a line. For example, if you want to underline a sentence "Indiastudychannel is genuine", you should do as follows:

    < u>Indiastudychannel is genuine< /u>, It will appear as Indiastudychannel is genuine.

    Italic tag:
    This tag is similar to underline tag and used to italic style of letters. Example is given below:

    < i>Indiastudychannel is genuine< /i> and it will appear as Indiastudychannel is genuine.

    list and bullet tags:
    These tags are used to list out the words or sentences in forms of bullets or numbering.

    For example, If you want to list Indiastudychannel, Google, YouTube, you have to do as follows:

    For Numbering, You should use:
    < ol>< li>Indiastudychannel< /li>
    < li>Google< /li>
    < li>YouTube< /li>
    < /ol>

    It will appears like,
    1. Indiastudychannel

    2. Google

    3. YouTube

    For bullets, You should use,

    < li>Indiastudychannel< /li>
    < li>Google< /li>
    < li>YouTube< /li>

    It will appear like,
  • Indiastudychannel

  • Google

  • YouTube
  • .

    Note: Delete space within each <> tag for proper working. For visibility I have provided space here. Hope you will understand better.


  • Hello HTML is easy to learn. It is one of the easiest languages in Computing. The basic requirement is doing some practice. You can practice learning HTML at the link below:

    Success is not granted, it is earned!

  • Well HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language => the tags are used too mark up (add additional meaning ) to the text. So if you use a tag to mark up a text, it will mean that this text must me rendered/displayed in bold.

    There are lots of tags each adding some special meaning to the text, you can get the complete list at However, you need not remember them or even use them in raw form, even most programmers don't. You may use text editors like Atom, Sublime Text or even word that allows you to apply formatting to text using buttons, and then you can get html equivalent for it.

    A more geeky way is to use markdown, that will then be generated to html., Link for markdown ref:

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