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    Kitchen Gas Lighter Working Principle

    We usually use a lighter that sparks to burn LPG gas burner in our kitchen. A button at the back side of the lighter is pressed by thumb to produce spark. My question is: what is the principle behind the emission of spark in the Lighter ?
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    Gas lighter is the most important tool of any kitchen now a days it works on the principal of piezoelectric effect. In gas lighter crystals of quartz are filled which are very good in producing piezoelectric effect so when you apply the force by pressing up the button on the back of lighter these quartz crystal become active and a voltage develops across a transverse direction which result in spark and you are able to light up the gas as the LPG is highly inflammable so it burns easily with the help of single spark itself.

    when these crystal are become less in number your lighter start giving problems and as they finished lighter become useless until you refill it.

    With regards

    Pooja Gupta

  • Principle behind this concept is piezoelectric effect.
    Piezoelectric effect is the effect due to pressure....

    When we apply force,the hammer strikes with quartz crystals and provides a potential of approx 800V which is too high . That's why a small gap is provided from which the potential enters in the form of air and changes in the form of heat and light which is catches by LGP gas stove very easily...

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