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    What is the reason behind earthquake?

    Do you want to know what is the reason behind earthquake? Find why earthquakes happen and how to forecast about earthquakes.

    When ever earth quake occurs with high intensity the it destroys lots of property and even cause the loss of life. But here I want to know that what is the reason behind the earth quake? We are aware of the fact that the intensity of the earth quake is determined by Richter scale but is it possible to know about the earthquake before it comes?
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  • The earth has four layers, namely

    1. Solid inner core
    2. Liquid outer core
    3. Mantle
    4. Crust

    The Tectonics plates are present in the outer crust and all the big and small plates moves slowly on the hot and soft mantle. This causes the earth quake, Tsunami, change in landscape and rise of mountains on the earth surface.

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  • Earthquakes mostly occur within the Earth's crust along the faults which suddenly release large amounts of energy that have built up over long time period. Seismic waves causes shaking during an earthquake. When rock within the earth crust breaks due to high pressure, producing incredible amounts of energy causing seismic waves. The energy released spreads out in all directions as waves without a definite pattern because of voids created by water, molten lava and gases, mostly like the ripples radiating outwards when you drop a stone in a pond.
    The Earth's crust near tectonic plate edges are forced to bend, compress and stretch due to the internal forces within the earth, causing earthquakes. Nearly all earthquakes occur at plate boundaries.

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