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    What is SPAM and what activities are SPAM?

    Do you want to know what is spam and which activities are spamming? Learn more about various kinds of spam here.

    What is spamming? What activities overall could be defined to be called SPAM? I guess anything like email, blog / website or post shared in social sharing websites etc. could be SPAM, what impact does a SPAM post have? Which types of email, blogs and posts are thus classified as SPAM? Moreover what impact does it have for a SPAM blog or SPAMMER himself after being marked as such? Are such blogs/ persons eligible for adsense?
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  • In general spam is considered as waste. But hackers use these spam mails as a medium for their activities. Generally we receive lots of spam mails daily and these mails are recognized as spam by Google as they may contain some URLs to other websites that may harm our privacy. So, it is advised not to click any links in spam mails. Hackers send mails with clickable links and when you click them your complete personal information will be taken by some inbuilt malicious programs.
    I think you are asking about spam sites. In my view spam blogs or sites are those that reproduce content that is already available on other popular websites. They try to gain traffic by copying content. Such websites can be categorized under spam. Those websites may not be eligible for AdSense because Google don't entertain such illegal or spam sites. The main objective of Google is to provide better service to their Advertisers, so surely spam blogs and sites will be eliminated by Google from having AdSense.

  • hello,

    Spams in email are unwanted messages.The spam activities or messages include advitisors messages, Some quick making money tips mails. Spammers target the customers by sending such emails to subscriber or customer.

    Spam blogs are inauthentic types they are copied materials.And such blogs are rejected by Google Adsense. Google does not approve such blogs.

    Thanks and Regards,
    -Harsh Vyas

  • SPAM is called for like "useless activity or over-smart work" which finally affecting others online, what you have mentioned in this question as "SPAM" word for many time is also 'SPAM'. Do not use the same word for many times (max three times or use same meaning words), some used to use same word many times to attract the search engine or to get huge traffic where Search engine is smart enough to ignore their webpage at all.

  • Spamming and all other related issues are explained in the URL below:

    Ashok Goyal

  • @Ashok,

    Thanks for your contribution but the article referred by you does not specifically address the information asked in the question here. I had asked the scope of spamming for bloggers in order to highlight which activities and practices should be avoided by a blogger which may amount to spamming.

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  • But I had like to know specially about Blogs. Now a days, if you visit Google Product Forums, you can see that some blogs are also marked as spam by the contributors of those forums. I want to know, writing what content on a blog is called spamming? I had a blog about "making money online" and a contributor marked it as spam. I don't understand what is spam and why it was marked as spam, because I had every word of my own on that blog and nothing copied from anywhere.

    Moreover, what sort of sharing in the social networking websites like Google+ and Facebook is called Spamming?

    Success is not granted, it is earned!

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