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    Magnet works on outer space or it works only in earths magnetic field?

    Do you want to know whether magnets can work in outer space or do they work only in earths magnetic field? Learn more about the working of magnets here.

    We have often used magnets weather it is for fun or for work. Magnets have an amazing property of attraction and repulsion from opposite and similar poles. Magnet even attract iron and some other metals also. In earth, magnets work and makes an magnetic field but my question is that, magnet creates similar field in outer space also? Magnet can attract or repel the opposite poles in outer space in the same manner as it does in earth?
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  • As far as I know the Earth behaves like a big magnet as when we allow a magnet to hang freely it gives us North and South directions. Earth's core's southern pole works and magnet's north pole attract each other and that is why the magnet hangs in north and south directions. In outer space when we move out of the gravitational pull of the earth then we enter the gravitation pull of other planets, though might be having lesser gravitational pulls.Magnet will work there also but the intensity will be weak as per the gravitational pull in proportion to earth's gravitational pull @ 980 cm/sec. In outer space weightlessness is seen as weight = mg (where g is the gravitational pull). when value of g increases or decreases it effects every behavior including magnetic behavior accordingly.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Hello friend, fascinating question posted by you. Simple answer is yes. A magnetic field of a magnet is merely created by the in built arrangement of the electrons in a particular end to end alignment. Thus all the negative charges accumulate along one direction and all the opposite charges accumulate in the opposite direction. This kind of alignment has nothing to with the gravitational force that the magnet experiences from its surrounding bodies or that of the Earth. So wherever the magnet is, either inside the earth's gravitational field or in the outer space, the magnetic field created by the magnet is same. This means that the magnet attracts and repels the unlike and like poles from other magnets respectively. If a ferromagnetic substance is taken to outer space and place in the near field of the magnet, the substance gets attracted toward the magnet.
    However, when you want to see the functionality of a magnetic compass, and expect it show directions, that depends on how far from the earth you are. If the compass is within the distance equal to the one-fourth distance to moon from earth, then the compass works. After that distance, the magnetic field from the earth, the sun and other planets is negligible to rotate the compass needle.
    I hope you got clarified. If not feel free to ask again.

    -Aasrith Reddy

  • Magnetism is a physical characteristic involving the particular pattern of arrangement of the sub particles in a matter. It is a sort of bound energy inside the matter. It does not have a direct bearing to the earth or its atmosphere. So magnets work same in space also, provided there is no other interference to the matter's magnetic field.

    Space instruments and space travellers use many instruments and the simple one a microphone or audible speaker. Both work using magnetism. Hence it can be simply established that magnats work in space.

    Now, there is an indirect connection to magnets on Earth which is demonstrated. As the Earth is also a bigger magnet, and its magnetic poles influence the freely suspended magnet's pole a magnet is also working as a directional compass on Earth. This direction may be different when the magnet in space comes in the magnetic field of other planets or stars in space voyage.

    Inside a spacecraft, a magnet taken from earth can work in same principles as it was on Earth subject to the strength of its magnetic force, the vicinity of other magnetic substances etc. Only when it totally leaves the magnetic field of Earth it will be free of earth's magnetic attraction(compass direction). Then on a longer voyage it may again come under the attractive field of moon or other planets.

  • Magnet is a great quality of a metal. It is used today in many works. There are hundreds and thousands of work which are done by this great quality of magnet.
    This quality of magnet comes in metals that are suitable to it by the earth.
    Our earth is a very great and large metal. So some metals absorb this quality from our earth. These are only my own views.

    Thanks & Regards
    Ekta Raikwar

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