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    What are the best qualities in air conditioner?

    Are you keen on buying an air-conditioner? Before buying, get the best tips on what features you should look for when buying an air-conditioner and how to utilize its cooling capacity to the maximum during summer months.

    If we are going to buying air conditioner then what things should I keep in mind? How can we Increase their cooling capacity in the summer?
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  • Air conditioners are used to literally condition the air that is circulating in your room. In the hot summer season it is a need that an AC is present in at least one room. So there are surely some things that you must consider while buying an air conditioner. Depending on the size and requirements air conditioners are of three types in basic.
    The main functions of an air conditioner are to lower the room temperature, remove the moisture from the air, and filter the air from dust particles.
    The types of the air conditioners are three. They are Window units, Portable AC and the Split Air conditioners.
    Some basic questions you must put yourself are
    i) how will the air conditioner be used and where?
    ii) What is the size of the room?

    Tonnage is the unit of measuring the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. It is literally equal to the amount of cooling that is obtained by melting an ice block of weight one ton in a period of twenty four hours. It means a 1.5 ton ac provides the cooling same as melting a 1.5 ton ice block in 24 hours.

    Power consumption
    You must also check the power consumption of the air conditioner. Less power and required cooling capacity is recommended.

    Star Rating:
    An AC with more star rating consumes less power and is more eco friendly and is more efficient. So an AC with Four or Five star rating is recommended.

    Size of the room
    The size of the room must be considered while thinking of buying an AC. If the room is larger, the tonnage required will be more.

    advantages and disadvantages of various types
    Window AC:
    Simple to install
    Simple to remove and store.
    Both heating and cooling units are available.
    Blocks the window on which it is installed.

    Easy to set up or relocate
    Can use in multiple rooms
    Less efficient

    Split types:
    Models with heat function available
    Location flexibility
    Option to use wireless thermostat
    More expensive
    More involved installation

    So friend these are the various types and their advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to visit a local showroom and feel free to know everything before you buy and put your valuable money for the product because it should worth it.

    -Aasrith Reddy

  • I like to answer to question straight forward without any complex answer which will just cause only a confusion.

    1. The best quality to the cool the air instant and at the same time needs to remove the moisture from the air

    2. Needs to consume less energy and needs to be five star rated

    3. Needs to release less gases which are harmful to the environment. (Important)

    4. Can be a "All weather" Air Conditioner and so we can use it everyday in the year according to our need such as Voltas All Weather Ac, Samsung Inventor V technology. (Optional)

    5. Can also be a "Dust remover" Air Conditioner so we can keep our rooms clean without dust such as Voltas Ac. (Optional)

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  • Thermostat.
    Adjustable Fan Speed.
    Programmable Timer.
    Air Direction Control.
    Filter Type.
    Energy Star Rating

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