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    Is their any problem in joints if it sounds something like having friction between bones?

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    Whenever I stand up after sitting for long time, there is awkward sound coming from bones that is something like bones having rough friction with other bones. Its not pleasant and I just wonder if something wrong with the bones. I am 35 years old now and worrying if bone fluid is alright or what. I just like to know if its normal or having a problem. Further, if its a problem then what are the remedies for it. Please advise.
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  • Yes it is calcium deficiency which is common among ladies and more severe in aged people. Osteoporosis starts with the onset of old age but you are just 35 years old. It means there is calcium deficiency. Though you need to consult a good orthopedics yet the following steps help in this problem:

    1. Take calcirol, Vitamin D3 supplement, one sachet every week in lukewarm milk for 7 to 8 weeks after getting tested for Vitamin D3 deficiency and consulting an orthopedics.
    2. Shell cal tablets, subject to above conditions, after consulting a good orthopedics.
    3. Take natural nutrients like Milk in plenty.
    4. Use Knee cap if there is pain.
    5. Consult a physio therapist also for possible exercises to get rid of the problem.
    Act fast lest the problems gets aggravated.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Yes as Mr. Goyal has said mostly now a days youngsters are suffering with the problem of low vitamin D3 levels. Unfortunately I am one of them. As he says I have been prescribed
    1. Calcirol sachets once per week
    2. Supracal 1 per day
    3. Compulsorily one glass of milk

    I suggest you to see a doctor first and discuss on this. He might probably will get the blood tests done to check the levels and also the RH factor.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Akanksha P.V
    Lead Editor(Ask Expert)

  • The problem of hearing sounds from bone joints is not unusual or abnormal.When we are tired we usually stretch so that we can hear the crackle sound. Similarly after sitting and writing for a long time we 'break the knuckles' on fingers or toes.

    As far as there is no pain or uneasiness and we feel comfortable after the 'break' sound there is nothing to worry.

    But when the sounds emanate automatically without our stretching, and is frequent and continuous, then that may be due to wear and tear due to age or ack of needed nutrients.

    If not attended in the early stages itself it may lead to difficult ituations and even immobility.

    The precautions and measures needed are: give proper rest to the parts and avoid over exertion.

    Use massage oils before bath or when you get time.

    Take balanced diet rich in vitamin E and calcium. For vitamin D take a walk under the evening sun for about 20 minutes daily.

    Control and manage your body weight to normal accepted ranges.

    Prevent injury and inflammations of joints. Consult a doctor and if advised by the doctor take the vitamin/mineral supplements or any medicines as advised.

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