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    Need suggestion for Job Change .

    Are you looking for a job change? Get advise from experts whether shifting from software industry to a BPO would be beneficial career move or not.

    Hi Experts,

    I am Praveen and I am working as an Associate Software Engineer in an mid sized IT company in Bangalore.

    I am B.Tech Computer Science graduate of 2011 with good percentage of around 74.6 .I have work experience around 1 year and 10 months. I worked exclusively on .Net, VBA and SQL.

    Recently I got an offer from WIPRO BPO for SENIOR DATA ANALYST position with good CTC of about 4 lac per annum.

    Is this a good offer for me to shift my job ?
    Does Changing from ASE to SENIOR DATA ANALYST will effect my career ?

    Does WIPRO BPO instead of WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES is that effects my career in future? As I am in big confusion whether to go for it or not?

    Please can any one respond regarding this.
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  • Dear Praveen,
    I would like to suggest not to change the job.Taking into consideration about your existing job and the offer from other company,presently, you are in the right place as Associate Software Engineer.Your experience is highly enough to be a Software Engineer in few more months.

    If you look at the present scenerio the Software industry is in boom and highly paid.Try to change the job with your current profile.You will get the salary more than offered by your present company if possible,with designation change.

  • It is a wrong decision to change from Associate software engineer to Data analyst as most out there are trying to moveout from BPOs to software engineering side.

    Eventhough they promise a good salary it is good to stick to post where you have experience and seek promotion in the same field. If you are thinking about CTC then you can find other companies willing to give software engineering jobs with more CTC than your company as you got good experience in this field.

  • You have to take into consideration a few relevant points:

    1. What is the salary difference- If the difference is huge, then you can join the new job.

    2. What is the next promotion and salary hike depending on your number of years experience in the present job? If the answer is satisfactory and encouraging, then continue in the present job.

    3. Are you really happy and progressing with knowledge and getting good appreciation from colleagues and superiors? If yes, then you have a better chance in the [present organisation and hence continue.

    4. But if your liki and disliking is just theoretical and not based on facts and figures then if the new job has more salary and perks and you get a posting not very far away from home or present set up, better join new job.
    Best Wishes.

  • I prefer not to change the current position to a different one. If Wipro had offered a position of a software engineer then you could have gladly accepted. Why go for a data analyst when you have the intelligence of working as a software engineer with java and vb? You can wait and apply for a different company as your experience increases. You will be recognised as a software enginneer in the tech lead.

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