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    How to avoid vomiting during traveling by Van or Car?

    Do you often face travel sickness? Get expert tips on how to combat travel sickness on the road and prevent vomiting

    Two days before, I went to tour with my family by Van. After travel for 2hours my daughter is vomiting first and after 10minutes myself also getting vomit. Then taking of lemon juice and smelling lemon piece vomiting not stop. For this condition whole body lose strength and not enjoying the tour for 1hour. Please tell your suggestion to avoid vomiting during traveling by Van.
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    Try to avoid eating heavy foods before going out for travelling long journeys in vehicles as this may lead to vomits. And also take care that there is an ample amount of air in the vehicle as lack of it may lead to saffocation and then vomiting. For children make them involve in some games or chatting as this will avoid any chances of feeling like vomit and divert their mind to something else. Also eating or smelling some citrus food like lemon etc.,. may reduce the feeling a little. After vomiting sensation it is better to stop travelling for a while untill it gets normal.

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    Vomiting during travel is due to the inertia factor. While traveling, especially over hills, winding roads or even rickety roads, people who are not much habituated to such travel tend to vomit. This is because, when travelling though our body moves as per the motion of the vehicle, we try to keep our head upright. This creates a contra situation and churning effect resulting in vomiting.

    Empty stomach, Only liquid filled stomach too much sour or acidic food all add up to this.

    There are some proven tips to reduce the problem.

    1.Never start a journey on empty stomach. Take a little food,probably steamed and without oil,with some salt.

    2.Take some water or liquid, but keep some part of stomach free- i.e do not eat or drink stomachfull.

    3. Have a good night's sleep before starting the journey.

    4. If there is a slight indication of a headache, take a headache medicine immediately, so that it does not aggravate.

    5.As far as possible break and take a few minutes rest in between by coming out and stretching legs or taking a few steps. A very light snack in roadside restaurant in between also can help both ways

    6. Chew or sip little by little a candy or a peppermint toffee throughout till you are sure that you will not vomit.

    7.Take deep breath frequently.

    8. Do not travel watching sights on the sides. Instead focus your vision straight in front on the road.If you feel discomfort, try to lie down closing your eyes.

    9. In case vomiting is inevitable, allow that, do not try to stop. Let the whole go out so that you feel comfortable. Then take some water and a candy immediately.

    10. If nothing of the above are helping, before the next journey, consult a doctor and take the medicines prescribed him as advised.

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    Lemon is one of the best home remedy for vomiting, but still if your vomiting do not get controlled by Lemons, then there are many other home remedies that come handy. Although you can go for allopathy medicines. There are many tablets available which you can carry along.
    Else you can surf the link given below, I hope that will surely help you, if you prefer home remedy for your problem.

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    You can use Tamarind or Pickle upon travel to avoid vomiting. Naturally for few travelers the mechanism of the vehicle's pollution and highway pollution won't accept their body even though they get unfiltered air on the way. Thus creating vomiting sense whereas the same vomiting sense won't come in the Railway journey or Air journey due to a different atmosphere of their mechanism.

    However, try to avoid to have medium or heavy food prior to travel till safely reaches the destination and then you can consume food which can help you to get digestion upon walking while tour.

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    why to avoid food in your vacation?
    take the medecine 'Avomin' half hour before getting into the car,it is a good medecine for travel sickness. Single tablet works upto 19 hrs. So, have a safe journey!

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    Here are some tips for this problem:
    1. Keep black salt with you.
    2. prefer to less jerky vehicle.
    3. avoid use of perfume.
    4. take light and digestable food before travelling.

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    Dear Member,

    First of all vomiting can occur due to empty stomach and at that time if you take lime or something like that it will cause acidity and due to that vomiting can start. So do not travel with empty stomach and at the same time do not eat a lot to fill your stomach. Try to get a satisfactory quantity of food, not a lot & not a little. And use lime juice and something like that when stomach is not empty.

    Secondly drinking too much water and travelling by uneven road and facing lots of jerking can be the cause of vomiting.

    Do not use chewing gums to make your mouth busy and to keep far from vomiting because these gums are not good for your health. Try to use natural products like cardamon, cloves e.t.c.

    Do not travel just after taking your meal. Try to relax a bit after taking your food.

    When feeling uneasy and tendency of vomiting is affecting try to relax your body. Straight your back, gently rub your front and back neck portion. Try to divert your mind by talking with your fellow travelers or by listening music. Make your self busy by eating nuts but chips can be the cause of acidity.

    And at last for safety keep a medicine with you which is harmless. Take it if vomiting tendency is not bearable. Name of the medicine is Vomitas.

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    Vomit is a n annoying thing that happens to everybody.Getting vomit during traveling is the most annoying one.
    Here are some of the steps to avoid vomit during traveling:
    1.Your stomach should not be heavily packed.So avoid heavy foods.
    2.Vomit occurs even if you are empty stomach.So while traveling take light food.
    3.Take water regularly to avoid De-hydration.
    orange or lemon juice is also best.
    4.Chewing gum or chocolate is also prevent vomiting.It helps to intake saliva regularly which helps in digestion.

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    Some travellers vomiting while travelling in a bus because they are not habitual to it. So they should make some cares to avoid this mishappenings. They should eat light food before travelling. They should take full sleep at the night before travelling. They should drink much water. They should chew something like chocolate suitable to their body. They should sit on their seat after spreading a newspaper on the seat. They should take lemon and salt with them. They should taste it while travelling. As it is a bad thing it cannot be solved easily. So we should take much care about it.

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    Besides following the tips given by others, there two more steps you can take to minimize discomfort.
    Make sure you sit in the middle position of the van/car. The central point will have the least amount of swinging and swaying as the vehicle moves left or right. If you sit at any of 3 corners (4th is taken by driver) you will find the greatest range of movement as compared to being seated in the center position. Keep a few plastic bags handy in case you need it.
    You may also wear dark glasses to minimize the visual effect adding to the discomfort during the daytime. You won't see the bright and contrasting colors in motion that could add to nauseous feeling. Things will look dimmed and less nauseating.

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    Yes, vomiting can't be stopped. If the residual food/chewed food comes upwards, you have to throw it out. You may delay it for some seconds, or may be up to a minute.

    However, the urge to vomit during travelling could be reduced by taking less spicy food before the journey, and by licking lemon and rock salt during the journey.

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