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    What is Comment Luv Enabled blogs?

    Wondering what is a Comment Luv enabled back linking? Know from experts here details about comment Luv enabled back linking and what are its advantages and disadvantage in blogging.

    I have got to learn about Comment Luv Enabled blog backlink strategy for while now, but practically do not know much about this. Can any expert elaborate this strategy? If possible discuss in detail what are its advantages and disadvantages in blogging.
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  • 1.Comment Luv is a wordpress plug in for wordpress blogs.
    2.It socializes the comments by the readers of the blog.
    3.Through this plugin one can add twitter name to the comments and use key words in the name.
    4.It is not for free.
    5.It has built in anti spam filters. When you install the plug in on your blog then all spam comments get filtered.
    6.It is used by famous premium blogger Lady Barbara at

    Ashok Goyal

  • "commentluv" is actually a technique to get natural backlinks to your blog.
    In this technique, bloggers enable their blog with "commentluv" and other bloggers of similar themes or subject comment on them with their blog address and also mention in the comment as commentluv, this way reader reading the blog may go to other blog directly from the given link on the comments.
    But this is possible only when both blogs are commentluv enabled else the comments will be spammed out by the same technique.

    Ataul Haque
    ISC member
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  • Comment Luv is a WordPress plugin and if you enable this plugin you can see a check-box below the comment box. If you tick that check-box Comment Luv will automatically shows the latest post of the user's blog who is posting comment. It will help readers to build natural back-links through comments.

  • There are many features added to this plugin and it is one of the most favorite plugin choice of webmasters.

    Features of Comment Luv plugin:
    1. Integrates Gravatar Account of commentator on your posts.
    2. Allows commentator to link to his most recent post through feed URL.
    3. Gives back Do follow backlink to approved commentator.
    4. Socialize your blog.
    5. It allows you to use keywords along with name like "name@yourkeyword" notation.
    5. It has a in built anti spam software.

  • If you have installed Comment Luv into your WordPress blog it means you are allowing people to comment on your blog. Allowing people to link there last published article on your website which is can be considered as traffic and link exchange by Google.

    I prefer not to add Comment Luv on to your WordPress Blog.

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