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    How can osteoporosis be controlled especially in women?

    Do you face a problem of osteoporosis? Follow the responses in this thread to know the best ways for women to maintain bone density and prevent osteoporosis.

    Often it is told by the doctors that women tend to have brittle bones and the problem of osteoporosis aggravates with the onset of menopause. How bone density can be maintained by women? Is the problem more prominent in India or it is a world wide problem. What are the early warning signals of osteoporosis? Is it good for the osteoporosis affected persons to go for morning and evening walk? Does osteoporosis also effect the body joints like knee joints? How can joints be lubricated in aged persons with osteoporosis, so that there is no pain due to friction in the joints.
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  • Women are more prone to have osteoporosis which is characterised by brittle bones because after menopause the hormonal activity of pregesterone and oestrogen is reduced. This can lead to a number of health problems

    There are two things everybody both men and women should take care of to maintain a healthy body ie a healthy diet and exercise

    The diet should include lots of fresh leafy veggies, fruits rich in vitamins and anti oxidants, dry fruits and nuts, milk and dairy products, required portion of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber etc

    Going for walks is a very good exercise. Atleast half an hour of aerobic exercise is necessary daily in the form of walking, jogging, dancing, cycling etc. Yoga is yet another form of practice that can stretch your muscles and strengthen bones of knees, spine, arms, shoulder etc

  • Osteporosis is the state of bones become very brittle and weak and prone to fracture and break easily even in relatively low force impact.

    Osteoporosis is generally caused by the natural aging, wear and tear. However in women it is seen rapidly setting after menopause. We lose our ability to regrow lost or worn tissues progressively after middle ages. The bones which are very thick and strong tend to get less tissues in relation to those worn out.This makes the bones grow thin and become weak and not much able to take the weight or force of impact as before This causes risk of injury by falling or hitting and even breaking with relatively less rational reason.

    Again, recovery at the latte ages isnot fast also. Hence osteoporosis has to be managed by care.

    As Calcium is needed bone bones, Calcium rich foods should be included in our daily food habits(Like Milk and dairy products,Fish etc). If needed or advised by Doctor Calcium=Vitamin D supplement to be taken.

    AS sunlight is a natural enabler of VitaminD generation in the body, walking under medium sun daily for some short time of about half an hour is good.

    One should not engage in very high impact activities to avoid chances of injury. Places even inside home which can cause skidding or slipping like bathrooms, toilets are to be use with care. Preventive and supportive railings and bars can be erected in these areas.

    Normal comfortable walks or other routine movements should not be discontinued.

    In some cases hormone therapy may be needed, but that should be only as per an experienced and qualified doctor's advise and care.

    One should undergo regular check up for calcium deficiency and bone density check up with the usual doctor's advise.

  • Often it is told by the doctors that women tend to have brittle bones and the problem of osteoporosis aggravates with the onset of menopause. How bone density can be maintained by women?
    Osteoporosis is the process of ageing of bones like graying of hair in human. So do not panic it a natural phenomenon.To stop the pace of Osteoporosis one need better calcium supplements or food rich in calcium. Some calcium tablets can be taken. curd and milk should be included in your diet.sit in the sun for some time anddo not jump and lift heavy the bone may be brittle and prone to fracture.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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