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    How to practice as dentist abroad after BDS?

    Are you interested in practising dentistry abroad? Get expert advice on career scope for dentists in USA, UK and other countries.

    I completed my BDS 3 years back. Presently I am working in a private dental clinic. I am interested to go abroad and work there as dentists can make more money abroad than in India. What is the procedure to register, write examinations and practice in countries like New zealand and Singapore after BDS? Is the examinations held in India,if so where and whats the fee? What are the other options I have to improve my career growth after BDS
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  • If you are willing to practice in abroad as a dentist then you will have to write some entrance examinations which will depend upon the countries. As you already are having clinical work experience then you will be eligible in various entrance examinations as they require experience before writing the test.
    Some Dental Licensing Examinations for different countries are given below for the practice as a dentist. Procedures may vary from country to country.
    1. For Dental practice in USA:-
    National Board Dental Examinations(NBDE) - It is administered by the ADA Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE). This examination consists of two parts - Part 1 of NBDE covers most aspects of the Bio-medical sciences while part 2 deals with clinical dentistry issues.
    Dental licencing processes-
    a. Education
    b. Written examination
    c. Clinical requirement
    Examination fees:
    For part 1 - 265 USD.
    For part 2 - 345 USD.
    For more information regarding NBDE, you can visit the websites given below.
    2. For Dental practice in UK:-
    Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) - It is conducted by The General Dental Council (GDC). This examinations also consists two parts: -
    Part 1 consist of a written paper, covering clinical applied dental science and clinically applied human disease and a written paper in aspects of clinical dentistry, law and ethics, and health and safety.
    Part 2 will consist of an examination on a dental manikin, an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) that tests candidates' clinical skills, an examination designed to test candidates' diagnostic and treatment planning skills, and a medical emergencies examination.
    Fees for Part 1 - 750 British pounds.
    And for part 2 - 2250 British pounds.
    For more information regarding ORE, you can visit the websites given below.
    3. For Dental practice in Australia:-
    ADC Examinations - The Australian Dental Council (ADC) is responsible for assessing overseas trained dentists to enable them to obtain registration in Australia. For more information regarding eligibility criteria and examination procedures you can visit the website given below.
    4. For Dental practice in Kuwait:-
    Kuwait Dental Licensing Exam(KDLE) - It consists of two parts - Part 1 consists Biomedical Sciences and Part 2 consists Dental and Clinical Sciences. For more information you can visit the website given below.
    Wish you all the best for your brighter future.

  • Please refer following url for qualifying examination for practicing in Singapore-
    Also for practising in New Zealand you may refer the following url-

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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