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  • is genuine Website for Google Adsense earning?

    Did you face a problem of an unauthorized site having your ads? Get quick advice here on which sites you can authorize sites to display ads of your account.

    The problem is with my Google Adsense account. Today a message is appearing in my account "Your ads have recently appeared on websites you havent authorized. To avoid lost revenue, make sure to authorize any sites where you display ads by visiting your account settings." And the site which is asking for permission is "" So Kindly tell me can I authorize this site? It is genuine site for Google Adsense earning?
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  • I suggest you not to authorize those sites and authorize the site which you are handling only. You can authorize site like your own blog, own site, revenue sharing site where you have associated your Adsense account etc. There will be a long list keep on updating in Adsense a/c for cross checking on authorization thus do not authorize those unknown sites though it looks familiar name. This is the best one and safer side.

  • These sites disappear automatically as such sites are cached from the cache memory. You can ignore such warnings on the adsense board. Such sites are not real sites at all. One more such site like googleusercontent can also appear in the warnings. Try after clearing browsing history to see such warnings going away after few hours.

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