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    How to become an Astronaut in NASA or ISRO?

    Are you keen on becoming a NASA or ISRO astronaut? Let an expert guide you on how to start a career as an astronaut.

    I have seen many of my friends dreaming of becoming Astronaut but very few of them know how to step up for it so I would like to have some guidelines on it to share with them.
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  • To become an astronaut in NASA as a non-US resident it may take a lot of effort and you need to be expert in your field may be communication, remote sensing or any other field. You need to be able to re-invent things according to your requirements and should have a great in-sight in subject.

    To be eligible to become an astronaut you need to take aeronautical or aviation engineering after your 12th because most important thing is an astronaut should have great pilotting skills. This will take you one step towards your goal. You can write ISAT exam conducted by Indian Institute of Space Technology which is controlled by ISRO. This way you will be upto date about opportunities to get into ISRO. You can also do avionics from IITs or IISc and apply to astronaut recruitment by ISRO.

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