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    What is knowledge based processing?

    Would you like to take up jobs in knowledge based processing? Before you do, follow the responses in this thread to know what kind of work is involved in knowledge based processing.

    I have heard some details about Business Process Outsourcing through my friends even they dont have an idea about KPO. Do you have any idea about KPO. Is it a kind of data entry job or semi call center job any career scope in KPO, will I get chance to enter into software companies after gaining experience in KPO.
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  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is related to some functions of business which are given to some another company to save money. Generally it is related to customer service and some back office kind works in which executive need to interact with customers.

    KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) is the process which is related to special functions. Special function require specific skill set to work in KPO. Let's understand this with one example. There is one company which provides PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design to its customer. Here PCB designing is depends on specific skill set. So work like; design, research, some kind of specific services which require special skill set is used for K.P.O. BPO does not require specific skill set to work. So BPO is business service and KPO is knowledge service.

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    Nilesh Patel

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