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    Research and Analysis certification from IIPMR

    Are you keen on taking up a Certified Research Professional(CRP) course from IIPMR? Before applying for the course, get feedback here on the CRP course from IIPMR.

    I have 3 years of experience in marketing and research.
    I wanted to do a Research and Analysis certification course to enhance my skills.
    So I wanted to know how is Certified Research Professional(CRP) course from IIPMR.Is this course a recognized course in the industry.
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    The CRP On-line Training and Certification Program includes access to the On-line Learning Portal, Instructor Support, Exam and Certification. There are 136 modules in total that need to be completed for this certification course.

    >> Durationof this course is 160 Hours
    >> Fee for this course is US $700 or Rs.34,999/- (Including Tax)

    Eligibility for this course :-Individuals who have completed the CRE exam or those having a minimum of 3 years work experience and currently working as a Senior Research Analyst or a Team leader in the Research Industry can do this course. Individuals working in areas relevant to research such as equity research, media research, consumer research, financial research, procurement research; commodity research, operations research etc are eligible.

    This certification helps individuals who are already working as a Senior Research Analyst or as Team leader and puts them on the fast track to becoming a Research Manager.This is one of the most preferred certification by companies looking to hire Research Managers. This calls for experienced Research Analyst to possess excellent research skills, Team handling capabilities and exceptional knowledge in SPSS.This certification course helps experienced analysts to have a holistic view of the entire gamut of Research and become versatile across many industries such as Banking, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG and IT.In many countries, it is mandatory for Research Managers to be a CRP.

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