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    Hashtag has any SEO value in social media ?

    Do you think that hashtags have SEO values? Find out others views on the value of hashtag for SEO.

    Hashtags are being used by 3 major social media players: Facebook, Google+ and the Twitter. Each time your post is shared to these networks, your post title shows up as a description. So a poor title means less attraction. Do we therefore consider adding hashtag to post titles for more social media visibility and exposure? Does this have any effect on SEO and SERP?
    In my view -
    Hashtag will bring some extra virgin visitors to your profile and some of them may become your loyal readers/followers. No connection with search engine SERP. No need to add hashtag in title.
    What do you think about it ?
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  • There is no any specialty or connection for Hashtag or any special characters in any Social Networking site but Hashtag or special character is used for some special identification by the webmaster or administrator of the site.

    Hashtag never play important role in SEO but certainly there are some special characters or numeric required in SEO to identify per user's search and their requirement.

  • As said by Anonymous, it will not play major role in improving SEO. Hashtag allow to search interested topic so traffic for that particular topic will definitely increase within site.

    Hashtag was developed to track particular topic. Now almost all famous social networking site is providing facility to use it. So it allows user to create group of people interested in the same topic by making it easier to find. So that user can promote topic by sharing Hashtag.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nilesh Patel

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