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    What is Earthing voltage and why it is required?

    Are you searching for information on the Net about earth voltage? Get quick details about earth voltage in this thread, how it works and its functions.

    There are total three points in one electricity supply plug. One is Line, second one is Neutral and third one is Earth. Earth to neutral voltage is measured by electrician. Line to Neutral is around 230 V A.C in India. Earthing voltage is measured between Neutral and Earth points.
    I have following queries related to Earthing voltage:
    (1)What is the use of this Earth point?
    (2)Is it necessary for every appliances? Because some appliances are having only two point plug.
    (3)What should be ideal value of this earthing voltage? If it is more, how to minimize that value.
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  • When a large electrical current or spike enters the system then it must go to the ground without damaging the system. The electric current can do this via, always take the path of least resistance in its way. If there is a ground connection then it will use that pathway instead of your appliances like refrigerator, vacuum. Cell phones do not need a ground because as per earthing says attached to earth the cell phone never remains attached to earth. For example, planes do not need a ground either as the current will pass through the plane and gets dissipated, but when it is on the ground at that time the plane is "Grounded" and when in the air everything in the plane is not earthed or grounded.

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