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    Job oppurtunities after science in Hyderabad

    Looking for a job in Hyderabad after completing M.Sc Environment Science? Get quick details here about job opportunities in Hyderabad for M.Sc Environment Science post graduates.

    I am a post graduate student of Environmental Science(osmania university), waiting for results and searching job in this field. I am interested to work in industries and control board) where I can learn practical work hand to hand while I work there. Generally Environment Engineering students are recruited in industries. But with a degree of M.Sc Environment Science can I get such job in India? I am a girl. Which sector should I go for my future job, Industry based work or academic career as teacher in this field?

    Also, I am preparing for UGC-NET-ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE.
    Whether I am eligible to AP-SET or not? In AP-SET notification, they did not mention the environmental science subject - can I choose life science subject or not?
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  • There are various career options available for M.Sc. degree holders in Environmental Science not only in Hyderabad but all over the world.

    1. Department of Pollution Control (Pollution Control Board)
    2. Urban planning
    3. Water Supply Authorities
    4. Oil Refineries
    5. Distilleries
    6. Food Processing Industries
    7. Fertilizer Plants
    8. Chemical Industries
    9. Cement Industries
    10. Textile Industries
    11. Dying Industries

    Also, there are more industries to get jobs.

  • Let us first understand what the Environment Science is and how the techniques suggested there in could benifit our environment.
    Environment Science is the branch of Biology with the extensive studies between organisms and the environment. This science is essentially the study of Conservation of Energy, Biodiversity, Climatic Change, Ground Water, Soil Contamination issues etc.
    To tackle the environmental issues, many technologies have been developed for treating Industrial Pollution, Water Pollution, Industrial Pollution, Vehicular Pollution, Plastic Issues etc.
    Hence this branch has got wide applicabilities in both the Government and the Private Sectors. Being an M.Sc in the Environmental Science, let us look your employability status in the Government Sector
    1) You can work as an Environmental Consultant in both Central and State Government.
    Look out for the suitable advertisement in the leading daily.
    2) You can get the job in the Indian Forestry Service with the suitable guidance of some professional Institute.
    3) If you are interested for the job of lecturership, it would be better on your part to take up the NET test conducted by CBSE. Ensure that you have at least 55 percent marks in M.Sc in the Environmental Science so that you could be considered for the candidature for the test. Once you qualify both written and oral, you will be absorbed as a lecturer in a constituent college depending upon your performance.
    4) You can get suitable assignments in the Pollution Control Board. You have to remain touch with the subject matters so that you can face the Board of Interview confidently.
    5) You can be absorbed in the Research and the Development wing of the Government Organisation as Research Assistant after emerging out successful in the final interview.
    Private Sector jobs -
    1) You can work as an executive in Steel Plants, Fertiliser Plants, Cement Industries where You would look after the composition of the gases emitting from the chimney's with the safe level. The gases may be carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, methane, carbon dioxide etc and any elevation beyond its safety level may be hazardous to the public.
    2) You can be absorbed as an Executive in a company producing safety appliances such as Gas Flow Meter, Gas Masks, Orsat Apparatus( this provides the concentration of different gases in the air such as Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide etc.
    3) You can work in Food Processing Companies where you would look after the enhancement of the shell life of the products with the addition of the appropriate preservative.
    4) You can be recruited as an Environmental Specialist where you would be responsible for providing cleaner environment in the working premises.
    5) You can look out for the job of Environment Journlist in a News Paper, Magazine or in the TV station where you would cover articles relating to upkeep of cleaner environment, precautions needed to control the exhausted gas such as carbon monoxide, methane etc from from the vechiles.

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