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    What is bpo

    hai iam studying be what is meant by bpo
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  • Hello Balaji,
    BPO means Business Process Outsorced. At first you should be clear about Call-Centre.
    Based on Calls: Two types of Call-Centre presents: 1. Inbound: Here calls are getting landed. Customers used to call up to get their needs fulfilled. Example: Customare Cares of Telecoms/Godrej/Railway etc etc. Main positive thing is that, here is not TARGET of Selling Products. But, You have to take a minimum amount of Call daily with good Quality answers to the customers. Mostly for Guys Shifts are flexible (Night Shift must for Guys). English, Hindi & Regional Language is mandatory for this type of BPO-Call Center job.
    2. Outbound: from here calls are generated to the customers to sell products or to remind them for their bills. Executie should call up the customers (list provided by the company) to promote & sell a Product to them. It has a certain TARGET of SELLING, which must met at the end of the month. If you have a good convincing skill then this should be your first prefference. Example: Selling IT-Products, Insurance, Credit Cards etc etc.

    Based on Language: We can divide BPO in 2-types.
    1. Domestic: All customers are of India. So, Hindi, English & regional Language must. Example: Insurance Sale/Customer Care of Airtel etc etc.
    2. International: All customers belong to a foreign country. Mostly India handled the calls of US/UK-Australia Processes. These shifts are mostly at Night time. Fluency in English is mandatory. Starting Salary for Freshers is Rs.8000/-.

    I will recommend you to continue your study & forget about BPO. I once you get into it, you would not manage time for your study.

    Anindya Bhattacharjee
    Guru-Ganga : Old Age Home

    Anindya (Andy)

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  • BPO means Business Process Outsourcing. If the services of a company like customer care services are done by an outside firm it is called BPO. Many companies like Sutherland is in the field of BPO jobs. For example the customer support for customers in US of Norton Antivirus is given by a company in India, i.e is called BPO.


  • Hi Balaji,

    BPO is Business process outsorcing, where as multinational companies outsorce their business to other company to reduce their cost, the main business under BPO is call center where they make call, which is mainly for Sales. Collection, surveys. and answer call to gain customer satisfaction. India, Phillipines and China are emerging markets for BPO.

    BPO might interest you as you are studying, earlier the notion about BPO in India was its for only fresh graduate and youngsters who earn money and change their living standards but now a days its a serious business.

    I hope this answers your question!





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    BPO stand for Business Process Outsourcing. BPO has 2 types, it can be near-shoring and offshoring. Outsourcing has been very competitive since it started, it helped many businesses to be more efficient and has helped them to become more successful. Outsourcing is one of the good strategy if you want to focus more on the business core and reduce overhead costs and expense. Read more about outsourcing here Offshore Business Processing BPO Provider Company.

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