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    Resume Writing tips from the third party vendor

    Do you want to have your resume written up by a third party? Learn the pros & cons of getting your resume written by a third party vendor.

    Do you think writing our own resume with the vendor will increase our job opportunities? In recent times number of resume writing vendors are mushrooming in surroundings. The cost involved is also too high, how we can believe which one is genuine? We need some specialist to rate our resume.
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  • As per my personal experience, one of the job portal in India is doing one kind of mis selling of their products such as resume writing etc. They use to call people and take money for resume writing and for giving interview calls and they take the money step by step. After giving one payment for a particular service, then they use to call again for taking another service to get the benefit of the first service etc. etc. So please avoid Timesjobs especially in this regard.

    As per my knowledge, is one of the better service provider in this case. You can try with their service.

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  • I think resume writing is an Art and one needs to be creative to make a resume. It's true that resume creates an impression on the first instance to get an interview call. However, job opportunity is a different thing and that is fully based on one's skill. Resume is a organized data sheet of a candidate which tells about candidate's ability, skill, knowledge, education, experience and personal data. In my opinion one should create his/her resume on his/her own way to market his/her ability or skill to the prospective employer. There is no need go to the third party vendor to prepare a resume with high charges. If you want to write a resume of your own there are lots of samples you can get from the internet. Go through those, co-relate your data or information with those and prepare a resume of your own. It will be increase your another skill that is - Presentation Style. And in corporate sector the presentation style matters to make an impact.

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    Amlan Jyoti Isore

  • Instead of getting your CV or resume written by a third party professional, it is better to write our own resumes because of the following reasons:
    -By writing our own CVs / resumes, we learn a lot and can use this knowledge to update our CVs/resumes in future as well. To write good resumes / CVs, we can refer to some free CV / Resume formats available online as well as seek some Resumes or our friends or colleagues who have got placed in some company.

    -As we are well aware of the stuff we have done in our life, it will help us to write those details quickly rather than asking some third part professional to write them in our CV / resume. This is because the third party might mess up some information while writing our CV / resume and this might prolong the process of getting our CV / resume ready for job applications.

    -If we write our own CV / resume, we will be aware and confident of all the information that is written in it. This will prove useful at the time of interviews, as interviewer can ask us any queries related to the stuff written in our CV or resume.

    -By writing our own CV / resume, we save a lot of money and time.

    -One should just remember that a CV / resume should be precise and presented in a good readable format with all correct information. This is the only secret to writing a good CV.

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  • Depending upon the content of the resume it is judged. Suppose on heave very good knowledge and experience but it does not reflect on the paper you should consult with some expert professional for better orientation.

  • Dear Members,

    After going through the comments given by the respective members, i am in a position to understand how a resume or cv should be written and also come to a conclusion the secret behind writing a good cv. Thank you for your valueable support. May this inputs will some of our members who are approaching for a bright future.

  • If one is able to write about oneself and communicate reasonably well, then it is better to write resume by oneself. There can be questions and clarifications regarding some points in the resume. The candidate can comfortable answer them only if it is written by himself. Moreover the interview board or panel can easily find the mismatch between the resume and actual face to face communication and understand the resume is ghost written. It may be even counterproductive.

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