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    Some aches in right chest area

    Are you suffering from chest pains after a fall? Get medical guidance here on what check ups you need to do after falling and having pain in chest area.

    Last Friday I slipped on the road with my bike. So next two days I got severe body pain and I had some paracetamol. The body pain is now gone, but from Wednesday onwards some disturbance in my right chest. Today it is fine, but whole day I do not know why I feel this ache in my chest. Do I need to check anything with the Doctor? Please suggest me what type of checkup needs to be done.
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  • Yes you need to get your chest X rayed so as to rule out any hair line fracture in ribs. Only thereafter your doctors will decide if it is a muscle injury or rib fracture. Never ignore such minor accidents as initial time is very important.

    Ashok Goyal

  • Ache in right chest area after a trauma might indicate fracture of ribs, so consult a doctor and take a chest ray to rule out fracture. The ache could also be due to
    1.Muscle spasm due to strain
    3.Hemothorax and pyothorax- In this condition patient will be toxic with features of dyspnoea and dull note on percussion.
    4.Pleuritis- sharp pricking type of pain aggravated by breathing or coughing.
    In certain cases even CT chest may be necessary to arrive at a diagnosis.

  • But now im fine now .no more disturbance now .so could you please suggest me we need to clarify the future no more ll come na..

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