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    What is Hadoop big data? And best institutes to learn Hadoop

    Did you ever desired to learn Hadoop? Thinking of making a career in Apache Hadoop? Ask our Software experts about Apache Hadoob.

    I am a computer science engineering student. Recently, I heard that there is a huge demand for the course known as Hadoop. Can anyone give brief details about Hadoop course. If it can be done, also mention some details like its scope in future, best institutes for learning Hadoop course in India, where do companies use Hadoop? And many other important things.
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  • Hi,
    Hadoop is a free, open-source software written in Java. It makes a quick work of processing mountains of data by breaking it up into smaller process that are parallelly run on multiple computers.Two critical components of Hadoop are MapReduce and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). While the latter organises data in an easily manageable way, the former divide sup the job of searching the data in a distributed and error-free manner.

    Refer to know on Hadoop.

    It is offered by

    Its scope can be grasped here : As the world moves to a digital age, there is literally an explosion of data and Hadoop makes it possible to stay on top of it. If a few years ago, megabytes and gigabytes used to be the extent of data, experts are now talking of several petabytes.

    Say, if 1MB represents a spoonful of sand then a petabyte is equivalent to about as much sand on a milelong beach. Every major internet company - be it Google, Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook - uses some form of Hadoop to sort and search the vast amounts of data that their hundreds of millions of users are creating every second.

  • Basically Hadoop is a java based programming framework that helps in the processing of large data sets. Hadoop makes it possible to run applications on systems with thousands of nodes involving thousands of terabytes.Its distributed file system allows high data transfer rates and provides uninterrupted services in case if any node fails too.

    We can even in see the applications of hadoop in our daily life, the stats that you see in any cricket match , any shopping sites showing your last searches etc, all big firms like amazon(global),ebay, flipkart etc uses the application of Hadoop and other big data technologies.

    There are several institutes like wiziq, udemy etc , All provide online teaching, I did mine at WizIQ, the instructors were really good and even the service was fabulous, got some discounts too and the course cost me around 9000INR. you can find here :

  • Big data means a huge amount of data which is in unstructured and semi structured form. Hadoop is a tool to store, process and analyze this Big data.

    Big Data and hadoop has a great demand now a days and it is increasing day by day. Everyday 1600+ hadoop jobs are available on It is an open source software tool mainly used in UNIX, Linux Operating system etc.

    Any graduates in IT can do this course. An institute I know is EduPristine which is located in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. This is the best institute i know because i learnt from here. They provide online as well as classroom training.

    1) 10 days classroom training (50 hours)
    2) 12 days live instructor based training
    3) Recorded videos and PPTs covering all classes
    4) Discussion forum and assignments
    5) An important thing Live projects to develop hadoop applications.

    The course Fee is just Rs. 20,000/-

    They teach all the things which you can do in hadoop. Following are the technologies:
    Introduction to Java and UNIX
    Pig and Impala
    Sqoop and Zookeeper
    Live projects

    Many big companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon and EBay etc. All are using hadoop to manage their data.

    As you know, what happens in just one minute on the Internet?
    Google - 2 million searches
    Facebook - 1.8 million likes, 41 thousand posts every second
    Twitter - 278 Thousand tweets
    Youtube - 72 hours of video uploaded
    & so on.

    As we understood, how much hadoop is important for these big companies? It is important to learn hadoop technologies for us.


  • Hadoop is an open-source, Java-based framework used for storing and processing big data. The data is stored on inexpensive commodity servers that run as clusters. Cafarella, Hadoop uses the MapReduce programming model for faster storage and retrieval of data from its nodes.

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