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    What is CAPTCHA and why it is used in websites?

    Want to find out what is the CAPTCHA? Confused why it is there on websites in the first place and what is the use of CAPTCHA? Ask our Blog and website experts in ISC for complete detail about CAPTCHA.

    Most of the time you try to login on a website and you will encounter this CAPTCHA. You have to complete it to move further ahead in the website. I would like to ask our experts about CAPTCHA the following-

    1.What is CAPTCHA and why it is used in websites?
    2.What is the meaning of CAPTCHA?
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  • The word CAPTCHA has no meaning in general. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. As most of the sites became profitable, some people instead of registering or signing in the websites themselves are starting using some automated software for their profits.To avoid this problem the website owners are using CAPTCHA code in their web sites as only humans can understand the code.
    Now-a-days some millions of websites around the globe are using CAPTCHA.

  • Captach is an alphanumeric code which used almost everywhere on internet. Captcha is mostly used in registration page of a site. The main purpose of Captcha is to protect a website from spam/bot users.

    People are intend to hack or corrupt the site data and its reputation. You can automate the procedure of registration by using a software program. People use this method to register spam users and post unwanted data on the site. So for security purpose Captach was introduced. Because Captcha is not easy to read by a software program and it is not static, it gets changed every page loads. So Captcha method was introduced to protect from spam users.
    Now a days Captcha can be read by a software program in very rare case.

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  • CAPTCHA is a alphanumerical word that is used in websites during user registration. This test is done to ensure that the registered user is a genuine human beibg and not a robot.
    CAPTCHA is not a case sensitive word , but is cannot be read by any external softwares thus protecting the site from all types of spams.

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  • There are some people who uses the bots to do the works such as registerations repeately and thus spamming the website. So the webmasters use CAPTCHA to stop these kind of bots since they can't understand the CAPTCHA code. Some webmasters prefers not to use CAPTCHA since it will be annoying to the humans and some users may not register/perform the work.

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