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    Why blood comes from nose during pregnancy?

    Worried why blood comes from the nose in the mouth in a pregnant lady? Looking for proper guidance regarding bleeding gums in pregnancy? Ask our Doctors and health experts in ISC for proper guidance.

    Hello sir,I am srinu
    My wife is pregnant. Now 30 weeks. For the last few days (not daily) a little amount of blood was coming while washing face after brushing in the morning. Some times some blood would come even in the evening while washing face. Please guide us what to do and whom to concern in this regard.
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  • Hello friend,

    As far as I know, there is no apparent relation to the bleeding and pregnancy. She might be having other bleeding issues or local vessel rupture in nose. If the bleeding is massive (significant) then it can be detrimental to her pregnancy. Consult a doctor immediately.

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  • I do agree with Dr.Nikhil as blood coming from nose has no known association with pregnancy. Consult good doctor and get the underlying reason investigated who may order for CBC, Liver Profile, PTI (INR) Ultrasound of Liver, Spleen etc. Do not use blood thinners like aspirin (Disiprin) without doctor's prescription.and do not leave any thing to chance. Doctor may even suggest Vit K injections based on your clinical conditions.

    Ashok Goyal

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