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    Mass communication as career option

    Looking for a career of Journalist or a News anchor in NDTV and Aaj Tak? Confused whether it is a good option as a career for a girl? Ask our career guidance experts for proper instructions.

    What is the salary of a journalist/news anchor in NDTV or Aaj Tak and what are their working hours? Is it a good option as a career for girl? I am a Science student from Delhi.
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  • I really appreciate that you have an interest towards this profession. You are not really paid like IT people but the job satisfaction and the thrill in it what drives the people. if your really passionate about the job then go for it. If you love your job then surely you will succeed.
    For your info- Arnab Goswami is been paid 5 lakhs per month.

  • Actually if you get high position in your salary will be far more than those of IT workers and other employees. But it really requires hard work and you must have knowledge from every field of life , along with your skills as journalist.

    This job has no timings and you must work 24*7 in order to get shifted in your career. Now it is up to you to decide on is it best career option for you? If you can manage to travel and if you are ready to suit in any condition whether or other worse condition then you can choose mass journalism as your career. According to me it will be really difficult for women to do job as you may require to stay out of station for days or weeks, if you get such assignments.

    Regards Sachin R. Kukale
    Forum & Ask expert Section Editor.

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