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    What will the match timings during Cricket World Cup 2015 in Australia?

    Want to know the starting time of the 2015 Cricket World Cup? Confused because of the time difference in Australia and India? Ask our experts in Sports for a better solution.

    The schedule for Cricket World Cup 2015 has been announced and it seems to be an open tournament for all top teams. This Cricket World Cup 2015 will be held in Australia and New Zealand, which will make it very difficult for Indians to follow the matches due to timezone difference. I want to know what will be the start time of matches during Cricket World Cup 2015. Please share timing details for 2015 Cricket World Cup.
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  • Due to time zone Australia is ahead of our time zone by 3 to 4 hours and it depends which region is compared with India. If match starts there during day time around 2 pm suppose then the match will start around 3 to 4 hours earlier here this is around 10 am.

  • Day/night matches in Australia, as per Indian Standard time, 08.00 AM and 10.00 AM depending upon the venue. If it was a day match, the usual time will be Indian Standard time 3.30 A.M, 4.00 A.M again depending upon the venue.

  • Generally Time difference between India and Australia is 4:30 hrs.
    in India time is: 1:00 pm
    in Australia time is: 5:30 pm
    In worldcup 2015 match start 6'O clock pm in Australia. Indian's will see in 10:30 pm in India

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