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    Breathing problem - what is the treatment

    Having a problem of breathing properly? Get expert advice here on how to treat the problem of not being able to breathe properly.

    I am not able to breathe properly often. Especially when I am stressed, if the weather is hot etc. It is happening continuously. I consulted a doctor. Everything is normal. But still I can not breathe properly. Please tell me some solution for this.
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  • This appears to be due to stress conditions when the mind is too much stressed. Keep away from stress and whenever you feel like that, just take long breaths or allow your lungs to exercise by filling air in balloon. However you need to consult a chest specialist who may get X Ray of your chest. Ballooning or long breath is the best exercise but make sure that you do not suffer from any other pulmonary disease or heart ailment. Now a days lungs capacity tests are also available.

    Ashok Goyal

  • As you have told that you are suffering from breathing problem due to stress and anxiety so it is your first duty to stay away from all kinds of stress and anxiety by keeping your mind happy and contented. In order to get rid of the stress problem do meditation regularly and some simple yogic exercises. But do not do the exercises whenever you will be suffering from the problem.

    There are several causes which lead the breathlessness problem including heart disease, lung disease, and blockage of the air passages in nose, mouth, or throat. I think an accurate medical diagnosis and proper treatment can help you to treat the problem very soon. So I suggest you to consult again with a doctor as soon as possible.

    Tulika Devi Nath

  • You have said that you have breathing problem when you are stressed or when the weather is hot etc. You have consulted a Doctor who told you that there is nothing wrong with you. Now, coming to the point, excessive heat can also cause stress. You have not specified your job or other engagements. So, I am not in a position to tell you as to how you can avoid stress. Yoga and meditation as suggested by the other members might help. But it should be done under guidance. I suggest that you consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist. Stress related breathing problem can be psychological reaction. No harm.

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  • If the physical issues are fully ruled out, then it needs to be gradually removed by methods f instilling self confidence by training under proper professionsl or by following positive thinking techniques from reading such books(if that is possible and you have the real will for that).

    Practicing Yoga or meditation under a qualified person also can help.

    You can try to avoid lonesome situations and can spend leisure time engaging yourself in relaxing entertainments and interacting with mature people or peers an family members. Try engaging in easily achievable matters. The success will boost your confidence and will reduce your anxiety or tension.

  • The only solution is that you should visit the doctor who is a professional in that field and they will surely examine you and give you professional advice.

    Adesola Adeyeye

  • Hello, Above responses are quite good and sensible.

    If there is no organic ailment then it is a conversion disorder. In such disorder you feel a physical symptom without any disease. Psychiatric consultation and behavioural therapy is the solution.

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  • This is not a serious problem, you just do one thing. Control and regulate your stresses which you faced in your life. Also do the daily practice in yoga that must be helps you in this problem and just relax in every moment may be that is serious too. And also the listening of music likes old melodies. The music is a best treatment to our tensions and over strain.
    If you are not well after these self treatments, then you must consult a chest specialist follow his medicines that he prescribed.


  • Hi,
    Shortness of breath is due to lot of reasons not only for respiratory disorders.Anemia is also one of the reason for breathing problem.Check your hemoglobin level too.I think before asking this question you have consult a doctor but you have to consult good Cardiologist too.If it is due to psychological problem that is Stress,Anxiety means you have identify which situation make you so stress and you have rectify that.For this situation first aid is given that is so simple just you lying down in the high ventilate area.And to avoid your stress please don't be alone do something like reading books or whatever which you gives a complete relief for you.Please avoid so much of oil foods.To increase your hemoglobin level do this regularly.Soak Amla(NelliKai) with Honey and eat regularly.

  • Dear member,
    If you are obese try to reduce it. Breathing problem can occur in many conditions including pulmonary problems and heart conditions. Hence I advice you to go for a master health check up to find out the exact cause.
    You can do breathing exercises to get rid of the difficulty.
    Breathing exercise:
    1. Take a deep breath through your nose
    2. Breath out the inhaled air through your mouth saying "vu"
    3. During the above procedure make sure your abdomen should go outside while you breath in, and it should come in during breath out.
    4. Do the procedure whenever you feel the discomfort.
    5. You can also perform pranayama for additional benefit.
    Follow this exercise daily and take care of your health.

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