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    Gardening - Which is the best seed to grow in pots

    Are you a keen gardener & interested in growing flowering plants at home? Check out the great tips in this thread to know which are the best seeds for flowering plants.

    Which are the seeds that we can grow from the pots or in the small place available at the roadside. With the help of seeds can we grow plants with flowers. Since gardening is my hobby from my childhood useful tips are most welcome. Currently I am having different varieties of roses from some five pots.
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  • You can grow Hibuscus flowers which will be colourful in your garden and you can also grow some different types of orchids. You can also grow some vegetative plants which will give you more greenary and you can use then for cooking purpose.

  • You can grow Aloe Vera which can be used in many forms as an Herbal Plant in addition to roses of different colors. To add to the greenery you can have rubber plant, money plant or Tulsi, considered to be sacred plant in home.

    Ashok Goyal

  • You can grow different types of balsams in your pots. You will get different colored balsam seeds which is easy to grow and look after. If you are going to grow a flower garden then you can go for aster seeds,balsam seeds or zinnia. You can also plant vegetable seeds like cabbage, cauliflower,egg plant Also you can grow different types of herbs in the pots.

  • Thing you should note while selecting plants for your garden.
    (a)As you said gardening is your hobby, you will be knowing about many plants especially flowering plants. Hence go for the ones you like the best.
    (b)Second thing you have to consider is the climate prevailing in your region.
    (c)Thirdly always go for rare flowers and plants that are not seen in the neighboring places, this creates and attraction towards your garden.
    (d)Choose flowering plants that suits the color of your gate, house and wall. Overall the garden in front of the house should give a pleasing look to any eyes.
    (e)Include medicinal plants which has small colorful flowers too. This gives a good look as well as can be used in times of emergency.

    With the help of seeds can we grow plants with flowers.
    Yes, you get to buy the seeds of many flowering plants from the market. You get small flowered plants in a pot too. Visit any flower melas or get seeds from any shopping malls.

    My Suggestions
    As you said you have varieties of Rose in your garden, now you can go for Orchids, Dalia, try Tulips as well. Why don't you try growing vegetable plants, you can use the vegetables in your kitchen as well.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

  • @Chitra, thanks for your information. I will go for the ideas that you have given in this thread. If any help i will keep posting in our ISC.

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