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    What are the best suggestion for Flat Balcony Gardening

    Looking forward to grow a garden in your own home? Wondering which flowers and vegetables can be grown in your garden? Ask our Home Gardening experts in ISC for correct guidance and details.

    We have sufficient space in our balcony and want to grow a garden having some flowers and some vegetable crops. I want to know, what are the advanced suggestions and tips, which can help us to grow up our balcony garden. Please suggest the new types of crops that can also grow in garden.
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  • Vegetable Crops
    You can go for okra, spinach (cheera), peas, brinjal/egg plant, green chilly, tomatoes (if you have a hot climate there).

    Ornamental Plants
    For decorating your garden you can consider money plants, varieties of rose, Celia, dalia, orchid, bouganvilla etc. You may try growing tulips as well.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

  • You can grow vegetables or flowering plants in the balcony. If you are going for vegetable garden then you can have tomato, cucumber, cabbage, spinach which are easy to grow. If you are going for flower garden then you can plant different balsams, zinnia,roses. you can also grow money plant in the balcony.

  • Container gardening can be a lot of fun and rewarding at the same time. The good news is that you can grow almost anything in containers as long as you feed the plants well and your balcony gets ample sunlight. Direct sunlight of 6-7 hours in required for fruits and vegetables to grow properly.

    Vegetables that can be grown in pots are spinach, fenugreek (methi), tomatoes, brinjal, bottle gourd, bitter gourd, lady finger, capsicum, chillies. I have grown various varieties of all these veggies with great success. I know of people who grow cabbage, onions, potatoes, garlic, cauliflower, carrots in pots and big sacks. You can try any of these in pots.

    Fruit trees that I planted in pots included custard apple, guava and sapota.

    I managed to get enough vegetable each morning from my terrace garden to cook at least one meal. Fruits also grew well.

    You need to feed them with fertilizer rich in phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen.

    I will suggest hardy plants for the balcony that do not need much care. Adenium, bougainvillea and Rangoon creeper are some flowering plants that will flower through out the year.

    Alternatively you can plant some lilies, ferns and palms. They will add to the beauty in your garden.

    I will also suggest bonsai plants, as they look attractive and add an element of richness to the surrounding.

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