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    How to clean ears normally without any effect inside?

    Wondering whether ears should be cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene or not? Searching for information whether any oil should be poured in ears for their well being? Ask our doctors and ENT health experts in ISC for proper guidance.

    Normally we wont take care of ears whether we should clean our ears inside or not? If yes, how to clean properly with out effecting any pain inside. Even for both kids and elders. How many days we should clean in a month. Should we pour oil inside? If yes, which oil should we use?
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  • Cleaning ears is very essential thing we need to do regularly. Putting hot coconut hair oil is very traditional way to keep ears clean and healthy. Other than putting hair oil, you can use soft ear buds to clean your ears. Ear buds are easily available at any general store or medical store.
    To clean your ears easily, take water inside your ears and let dirt get wet.Then clean it by buds. Don't use hard metal tools or any sharp hard material to clean your ears. It may damage your ears if you use it carelessly.

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  • Ears are very sensitive organ and proper care has to be taken. The wax in the ear is actually considered to be beneficial, it protects from infection. We can use good branded cotton buds to clean the dirt. There is no need to clean it everyday. If you feel there is dirt accumulated, and if you feel a sense of ear blockage, you can then clean it using the buds. Other than branded cotton buds, no other stuffs should be used for cleaning. Few drops of Coconut oil or Olive oil can be put, if the wax in the ear is too dry. In the process of cleaning, the bud should not be penetrated deep inside the ear. Utmost care should be taken, not to hurt the inner cannal and ear drum. After bath, one should clean and dry the external ear by a clean towel. For childrens, baby ear buds can be used. Consult a doctor, and take his guidance, when dealing with toddlers ear.

  • I had been advised by many doctors not to put anything inside the ears. They have said that the ears have their own cleaning mechanism and we need not do anything special by putting (either solid or liquid) inside the ears. They actually warn that these can cause serious damages also.

    As done by grandparents to the little infants, it is just enough to use wet and soft cloth like a thick spiral and rub the open parts clean during taking a bath. In no way anything should enter deeper. Even this should not be pointed or sharp to avoid entering deep.

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