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    Temple Run Apps from Android Smartphone and its levels

    Want to know about the popular Temple Run apps? Get information in this thread about the various levels of Temple Run apps and other details about it.

    As I have observed that many Smartphone users are downloading and playing Temple Run apps/game nowadays and the same case was Angry Bird earlier. Do you like to play Temple Run games from Google Playstore for Android Smartphone? Are all downloads free or are they paid apps too? How many levels in Temple Run overall? Expert can tell this.
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  • Dear Friend,
    Temple run is one of the most popular andriod app used by millions of people including me.Now a days this game is common in every tablect,Smartphone.I to play this game regularly.

    You can download this game directly from google play store and play.Not all versions of this game is free to download.
    Temple run 1 and temple 2,3 you can download for free in app store.Where as if you want current version Temple run OZ or Temple run Brave you have to buy for 124 Rs.
    I Played Temple run 3 it is nice compare to its last two versions download it from play store and start playing.

    Hard work never fails

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