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    How to clear EARS, without any harm?

    Want to knw the correct remedy for itching in ears? Ask our doctors and ENT experts in ISC for proper guidance.

    I like to know the BEST & NATURAL procedure to clear Ear,
    since now-a-days lot of itching happens in my Ears.

    I usually fill my ears with mustard oil during night, it helps in clearing my ears little bit & for some-days itching stops, but I like to know, is it correct process or not.

    And what is the best medicine for clearing Ears on regular basis.
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  • I don't think mustard oil will do good for melting and cleaning the ear wax. And also it is not necessary to go unnecessary medication unless and until it becomes a serious problem.

    Some of the best way for cleaning the ear wax from the ears are:
    1. Heat little pure / unrefined coconut oil and add one garlic clove to this heated oil and allow it to cool down. On cooling, you can use this oil for clearing the wax from the ears. Just dip a clean ear bud into this warm or cool oil and drop few drops of the oil into the ears once a day preferably before bed time. This would help in softening the hardened ear wax which could be subsequently removed / cleaned easily by using an ear bud.

    2. The same above procedure can be followed by using sesame oil as well in place of coconut oil. In fact, sesame oil and garlic clove is a good combination and has been effective not only in clearing the ear wax but also for getting rid of ear ache if any.

    Do not ever use sharp metal objects like hair pins, safety pins or nibs of pens / pencils for clearing the wax. It is not at all good to use these objects but unfortunately still some people in India follow such crude methods which are not safe.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Friend, I was also thinking like you some years earlier. I used to put any thing inside the ear thinking that those will clean the ears. Similarly I was wrongly feeling I am educated and hence was inserting the 'sterilised ear buds' of some reputed brand.

    But all that changed after I was explained by an ENT doctor.

    The doctor said even the seemingly less harmful ear buds also can cause danger. The doctor advised that our body has its own cleaning mechanism. One should not put anything inside the ears- neither oil, chemical liquids or buds or any other materials.

    So I suggest that at the most you may do as follows:Cover your smallest finger by a clean soft towel after taking bath, and clean the outside exposed part of the ear and slightly insert to only a very less portion down so that the outside accumulated dust can be cleaned.

    If you live in a place where it is constantly humid or dusty, then cover your ears with a scarf or handkerchief to prevent the dust and humidity getting into the ears.

    If you are experiencing any continuous itching or irritation inside the ears, please visit and ENT doctor.

  • There are number of medicines which are prescribed by the medical practitioner, but the best and the most effective way to clean ears is by the natural products.
    It is in the early age of life when the children have pain in their ear and the parents pour warm mustard oil in their ear which is burnt with garlic. It is an effective natural product by which the pain subsides quickly.
    The reason of itching in the ears is due to lack of grease in the body and the wax which is generated in the ear which is a natural process to keep the ears protected from dust. To generate wax body generates lot of grease and when there is malfunctioning in the body. In order to keep the ears greased you are applying mustard oil which in sometimes injurious as the oil may get locked in the ear. One should not keep the ear filled the whole night. Rather you should pour few drops of oil and after few minutes you should turn your head so that the oil if in excess would drain out.
    The other thing to keep the ears protected is that at the time of bathing one should pour some water in the ear and with a jerk should turn his / her head to the direction of the ear in which he / she has poured water. The water will rinse out and the ear will be clean.
    To keep the ears itching free one should also put some butter on the naval, I am not aware about the human anatomy regarding this remedy but it works and the ears are clean.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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  • When there are deposits in the ear and the deposits get dried up, the itching starts. Use any good quality ear wax drops to soften the deposits. Mustard Oil is not going to help. After softening the deposits through wax drops one can visit the ENT specialist to clean the ear manually or through pushing luke warm water in the ear to clear out the deposits. Never try removing the deposits with match stick, paper pin or toothpick or some other foreign article which may cause injury to the ear drum. If at all you want to clean the ear yourself use ear buds by very good manufacturers like Johnson and that too as per directions provided by Johnson and Johnson. Keep the ears of newborn away from noise pollution by plugging the ears with medicated cotton buds and while bathing kids extra care be taken that the water does not enter the ears of the kids.

    Ashok Goyal

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