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    Course in journalism and Mass communication

    Looking for proper course in Journalism and Mass Communication through online or distance education? Ask our Indian Educational Consultants for more information.

    What are the Institutes available for a person to approach if they want to do a Course in Journalism and Mass communication through online or through distance education mode? Is there any Indian University offering such courses through distance education? Are there any television networks operating or providing such facilities?
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  • The following are a few distance education colleges in India offering distance learning programme for journalism and mass communication.
    1. Amity School of Distance Learning

    2. Address:
      Amity Campus,
      Sector 44, Noida – 201303,
      Uttar Pradesh,
      IndiaPh. No. – 1800-11-00-00
    3. Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (SIMC)

    4. Address:
      Symbiosis Knowledge Village (PG),
      Gram – Lavale,
      Taluka – Mulshi,
      Pune – 412115,
      Ph. No. – 91-20-39116100.
    5. Dr B R Ambedkar Open

    6. Address:
      Road No 46,
      Jubilee Hills,
      Hyderabad – 500033,
      District – Hyderabad,
      Andhra Pradesh,
      Ph. No. – 040-23680000.
    7. Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication

    8. Address:
      SriAurobindo Society Campus,
      Shaheed Jeet
      Singh Marg,
      Adhichini, New Delhi – 110017,
      Ph. No. – 011-26561986
      Email –
      Website –
    9. Mudra Institute of Communications

    10. Address:
      Shela, Ahmedabad – 380058,
      Gujarat, India.
      Ph.No. – 91-2717-308250
      Fax No. – 91-2717-308349
      Website –


  • If you want to enter into the field of Journalism and mass communication then you should have communication and writing skills in a unique way. You should be a content writer and can capable of update the latest news accurately. The news generated by you should be genuine.

    In olden days the reporters will gather the news and to update the news it will take almost 1 day. The people will know about news only through news papers. But, after television came into existence then they use specific timings to update the news. By watching news people will update their knowledge about current issues. Through internet also we can know the news.

    If you want to update any news, then there are 3 types: Text writing, Through TV's, Web writing. First know the differences between them and apply for the option on which you have really interested. In journalism there are many types like agriculture, fashion, sports, business, movies, Politics, reviews etc.

    You should have completed degree with excellent academic record and should have sound knowledge in English. You should have Capable of work in any timing. The even most thing is communication. Know the English, Hindi and Regional languages. It will helps you lot to communicate with any type of people.

    Recently, Eenadu Journalism school and Andhra Jyothy college are opened gate for its schools/college journalism courses. To get a chance and if you need proper guidance better you join in any school/college as already replied in the above response.

    For this, the common written examination will be conducted for the candidates. You need to write/generate content by your own and topic will be selected by you sometimes and sometimes the topic will be given by the admin's. If your performance is good at written examination then they will allow you to enter to the next round: GD. In GD, they will check about how you are talking, on what topics you have knowledge, how you are convincing others, your skills, how you are motivating others etc. like this the process will be go. If you selected for this round you should participate for the interview. Likewise you will get the job. Training period will be one year. You should sign on a bond after completion of your course you should work on that office.

    Hope you get an idea from this.
    All the best!

    Material life is the Vehicle to Spirituality

  • There are many institutes offering journalism and mass communication in distance education and they are
    Indira Gandhi National Open University( (Post graduate as well as post graduate diploma)
    Lovely professional university(
    Sikkim Manipal University( (Graduate)
    Global open University, Nagaland.

    Also SRM institute of Journalism in Chennai is offering courses journalism.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • It is said that one cannot understand the depth of the water while he is standing on the shores. Journalism seems to be a profession wherein people feel that it is really glamorous, but the reality is entirely different. There are number of things which one has to keep in mind before finally opting for journalism.
    1. Ability to strive.
    2. Ability to excel.
    3. Ability to unearth the truth.
    4. Ability to make contacts.
    5. Ability to work 24x7.
    6. Ability to use contacts.
    7. Ability to create a story.
    8. Ability to remember.
    9. Ability to write.
    10. Ability to act timely.
    These are the Ten Commandments of journalism. If you think that you have the ability to fulfill these Ten Commandments then only opt for journalism.

    You have not mentioned clearly what field of journalism you are looking for? Is it anchoring, reporting, copy writing, editing, print media, electronic media, web media, etc. There are number of fields which are further bifurcated out of journalism.

    From your question I can make out that you have inclination towards electronic media. If an only if you are planning to enter electronic media then I would suggest you to kindly go for regular course, as there are number of technical things which distant education cannot make you understand. I have experience that journalism is the only profession wherein a student cannot study from distant education system. There are number of universities who brag to make you proficient in journalism through distant education system, but the reality is quite different.

    Here are some of the universities which are running course of journalism through distant education system:
    Lovely professional university:
    Mudra Institute of Communications:
    Sikkim Manipal University:
    Amity School of Distance Learning:
    Sri Aurobindo Institute of Mass Communication:
    Global Open University, Nagaland:
    Dr B R Ambedkar Open University:

    Nadeem Naqvi

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