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    Is learning foreign language useful for a good job?

    Wondering whether or not to start learning a foreign language? Get expert advice in this thread to know the benefits of learning a foreign language in terms of job prospects.

    In recent times, a number of people are learning foreign languages like French, German and Japanese. I also want to learn German language. I want to know that will it be helpful for getting a good job? What are the career options after learning foreign languages in India and abroad? I want the complete details of the advantages and source of learning foreign language along the information about good institutes teaching German and French language in Chennai. Please inform me about certifications in foreign languages.
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  • Learning foreign language like French or German is a good idea, they are going to be considered as an additional qualification. Those institute used to train their own language as part time or 1 to 2 hours class per day which helps to know the basic to advanced level of the language. There are courses in different level (beginner to expert) which each of them have duration of 3 months with certification program.

    Once you go through the training and complete the test/exam, you will then get its certification along with additional language expertise, pronunciation, letters writing style, in-depth grammar knowledge plus other culture and their general knowledge etc. You will definitely get assistance from their own institute to get a good Translator or Interpreter job, you can even work as Freelancer for foreign language, you can put online ads for Language assistance where many star hotels, tourists and other concern organization will contact you for related job.

    You can contact those institute directly for more detail on this topic. To learn French language in Chennai, Alliance Francais Institute is one of the best in College Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

  • Learning an additional language is always a benefit. But which language to learn is the important question. First you have to decide your stream of field and find out where you would like to have your career. If you wish to settle in Switzerland or so, learning German is an added advantage and moreover it is a must. Similarly French, Spanish etc are the other languages which have great demand outside India to the western regions.

    If you wish to settle in GCC countries, then it is better to learn Arabic, as knowledge of that language gives you more opportunities and an employment in government sector. Interest to a language is very much essential to learn it. Moreover learning a language of the country you wish to settle gives you lot of advantages as you understand and can communicate to the nationals with ease.

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  • Now a days career in foreign language is very bright. All companies are trying to market world-wise. Multinational companies are coming to India. Many companies are going for joint ventures abroad also. All this reasons have opened up a lot of job scenario for those who are really proficient in foreign languages.

    Working roles for the foreign language experts
    • Translator
    • Interpreter
    • Language teacher
    • Linguist
    Translator: Working role of a translator is to translate written material from one language to another.
    Interpreter: An interpreter has to interpreting spoken words of one language to another. It may be in different types such as simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpreting and liaison Interpreting. Simultaneous interpretation is normally required in meetings, conferences, speeches, etc. consecutive interpreting is required during formal speeches where speaker halts for a moment and the interpreter interprets said statements to the audiences. Liaison interpreting is to help in conversation between two people who do not know each other's languages.
    Language teacher: Role is to teach the language others.
    Linguist: Their role is related to the root of a language in a scientific way.

    Working fields for the foreign language experts
    • Tourism
    • Entertainment
    • Public relations and mass communication
    • International organizations
    • Embassies
    • Diplomatic service
    • Publishing Industry
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals and nursing home.
    Study centers for German and French language in Chennai
    • Communiqua, 166A, Purusawalkam high road, Landmark: Near abirami mega mall, Kilpauk, Chennai, India- 600010.
    • Tirunindravur Community College, 1113, Meenakshinagar, Nadukuthagai, Paakam Rd, Landmark: Near Bhavani Vaal Pattarai, Tiruninravur, Chennai, India- 602024.
    • Preach German, A4, GRN corner stone apartment, New no 29, 5th main road, Landmark: Near Roja medical Junction, Nanganallur, Chennai, India- 600061.
    • LinguaSkool, Ambattur, Chennai, India- 600053.

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