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    How Ozone layer protect earth from uv rays?

    Confused how Ozone layer protects Earth from being harmed by the ultraviolet rays from the sun? Ask our Education experts in ISC for proper details.

    Can anyone please explain about Ozone layer in detail? About the structure of ozone and how the layer prevents ultraviolet rays from reaching Earth? I heard like Ozone is unstable form of Oxygen. Then how is it existing in upper part of Stratosphere?
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  • About ozone and its structure: Ozone or in proper words 'ozone gas' is an allotrope of oxygen and of molecular formula O3. It stabilize itself through continuous resonance of electron (lone pairs of oxygen) between the three oxygen atoms.

    Function, working and importance of Ozone layer: Ozone layer is present in the upper part of Stratosphere where it continuously absorbs the harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays of sun and prevent it from reaching the earth. The oxygen molecules present in the Stratosphere absorb the high energy UV rays and breaks into two oxygen atoms. Since oxygen atom is highly unstable, so it binds with the oxygen molecule and forms ozone molecule. Again, the ozone molecule absorbs the UV rays and breaks down into one oxygen molecule and oxygen atoms. This is continuous process which goes on and on in the upper part of Stratosphere absorbing all the UV rays.

    Ultra- violet rays are very high energy waves which can completely damage the whole DNA of an organism if exposed and it can cause skin cancer, blindness, thickening of cornea and many more. So the ozone layer protects the earth from all these problems by continuous absorbing the UV rays and only allowing the visible rays to enter earth atmosphere. But due to excessive pollution, the ozone layer is becoming thin which is a very serious problem. The thickness of the ozone layer is measured in Dobson unit (DU).

    Ozone gas are also used in mineral water where it breaks downs in oxygen molecules in water.

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  • Ozon layer is getting depleted due to pollution and the umbrella of ozone layer protection is getting weakened with every passing day resulting into harmful UV rays of the sun finding it easier to penetrate through the Ozone filter creating Global Warming and high temperatures.

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  • The ozone layer, a form of oxygen, is kinda blessing for us. Lets know how does it help us :

    What is an Ozone Layer?

    - As an oxygen molecule is highly unstable it binds with oxygen to form ozone.
    - The ozone layer acts as a filter for the shorter wavelength and highly hazardous ultraviolet radiation from the sun, protecting life on Earth from its potentially harmful effects.
    - Ozone gas is used in mineral water as it breaks downs in oxygen molecules in water.
    - It's like an umbrella over our Earth.
    - It is found in the stratospheric layer of the atmosphere.

    How does it protect the Earth?

    - When the Sun sends ultra violent rays to the Earth, they go through the ozone layer.
    - The ozone layer absorbs most of the ultra violent rays and thus, protecting the Earth from the hazardous UV rays.
    - It also keeps the temperature of the Earth constant in the lower levels.

    How harmful are Ultra Violent Rays?

    -If the UV rays were able to reach to us in heavy amounts, we would suffer many diseases such as skin cancer, cataract, sunburn and our skin cells get damaged due to which our aging is accelerated.
    - UV rays highly damage the DNA of an organism if exposed.
    - It can even cause blindness.

    The ozone layer around the Earth is becoming really thin. We need to save our ozone layer.The destroyers of the ozone layer are chlorofluorocarbons, nitrogen oxides from fertilizers and various kinds of emissions from road and air transports. There is even a hole appeared over Antarctica in the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

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