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    What is the reason for earth leakage in switchboards?

    Wondering about how the current gets leaked into the earth and what can be done to rectify the leakage of the current? Ask our experts in ISC for more information.

    There is a earth leakage current flowing on the switches on switch board in my house. What is the reason for such earth current leakage? And what is to be done to rectify this current leakage? There is a fuse also along with this switch board. But I know fuse has no part in rectifying the leakage. So kindly suggest me.
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  • Dear member,

    The reason for this leakage is, improper earthing of housewiring in your home. Earthing or grounding should be done strongly.

    Normally, earth wire coming from the service line is connected to a metal pole which is dig into the earth. Make sure that this connectivity is fine there. Poor connectivity also leads to this problem. If the metal pole should be deeply inserted into earth.

    To rectify poor connection, switch off mains, remove metal pole from earth and make deep hole then insert the same and check again for any leakage. If still problem persists, call an experienced electrician to overcome this problem.

    Hope this will help!


  • To have good earthing we need to have earthing done independently at our house as earth wire coming with supply line wire of electricity supply company may not be proper as we can not check leakage. Loose wiring in switchboards can also result in leakage. Proper Earthing where leakage is within permissible limits can be very help full is such situations:

    1. All your computerized machines will work properly. Even diagnostic machines, lab machines yield improper results if earthing is not properly done.
    2. If supply in the neutral line gets cut, there may be fire and all instruments may get burnt. But independent proper earthing can protect from such losses.
    3. Proper earthing protects against electric shock from plugged instruments like iron press, fridge etc.

    Ashok Goyal

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