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    What is the difference between diathermy and ultrasonic physiotherapy treatments?

    Wondering what is the difference in Ultrasonic treatment and Diathermy for the treatment of Sprained muscle? Ask for orthopedic opinion over here.

    During physiotherapy for a sprained muscle, some doctors suggest ultrasonic treatment while others recommend Diathermy. What exactly is the difference between these two types of treatment? Is the type of treatment dependent on which part of the body the sprain has occurred? What does the treatment for each involve? For how long is each type of treatment ideal?
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  • Ultrasound therapy:It is one of the electrotherapy modalities used for pain relief. In ultrasound therapy there occurs compression and rarefaction of sound waves with a frequency of 1MHz. It increases the blood supply to the area being treated thereby decreasing pain.It also reduces the edema and swelling. Next coming to Diathermy: Shortwave diathermy is the heat modality where you get a mild warmth in the treating area. It has a frequency of 27.12MHz and wavelength of 11 metres. It reduces the inflammation process and improves vascular circulation thereby reducing the pain.

    Now coming to the DIFFERENCE between both of them.

    Ultrasound therapy uses sonic waves while diathermy uses electromagnetic waves.
    Both the treatments are effective for muscle sprains and it depends upon the treatment area. If the pain is not localized then the doctors suggest diathermy and if it is localized ultrasound therapy is suggested.

    Now coming to the DURATION:

    The ideal duration for Diathermy is 10-15 minutes.
    And for Ultrasound therapy is 8-10 minutes.
    Both the treatments are given for a period of 7-10 days.

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